• Laying on my stomach session

    Ive started doing sessions on my stomach vs on my Side or back. Im not sure if this is the same for everyone or not but I have found it has some advantages for me. The cons are pretty minor. 1st con is that if I develop an erection its very distracting and not the most comfortable in this position. 2nd, this has Todo with anyone who is a leaker. I tend to make a mess, I usually lay on a towel or wear my jock strap. Now for the pros. I have little ability in this position to touch my penis. I struggle leaving it alone and this position helps. I also have found that laying on my stomach makes the massager feel more maneuverable with less effort. It defiantly puts more pressure on my prostate in that position. I get to orgasmic bliss faster in this position than others. That iss just something about this position that I really enjoy. Its comfortable and relaxing to stay in this position for a while. Sometimes I will lift my legs 90 degrees at my knees. This helps to take it up a little from a pleasure standpoint. Probably due to a little tighter core in the position. I love the feeling of the massager against my prostate, making me leak, I love the leaking feeling, especially the little tickle I get at the tip of my penis. I like the feeling of the massager moving, touching and dancing on my prostate. Sound off in the comments on your experience with this position.


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      05/11/2022at9:38 pm

      I end up humping the bed like a 16 year old. It was in this position where I noticed I was having an orgasm, I was half in a lower doggy my dick about 8 inches from the bed.

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      08/02/2022at10:20 am

      I have been lying on my stomach pretty much from the start, as my go to technique. This is where I have experienced some of my greatest first super orgasms. I found that I can easily relax and sink into the mattress, whilst obscuring any light and helping to even mute our noise with pillows. The toy is perfectly supported by gravity and delivers the right amount of pressure. The penis is still and untouchable. However, as you say, erections can feel uncomfortable. After a while, and if the session is unsuccessful, you do want to start humping the bed. If you relent, it even feels like adding sensation to prostate massage in the beginning, but don’t be fooled, this will only lead to a traditional orgasm.

      However, lately, I found the technique to be working less well, and in the last few years I switched to either lying on the side, or even on my back with the knees up or down. This way, I can stimulate my nipples, although sometimes ‘do nothing’ is better as it allows you to concentrate on Aneros moving on its own rather than the manual stimulation of other body parts.

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