• Lawnmower Man

    So, I was impressed right away with the aneros packaging, kinda of gave me the feeling this was something more than a cheap plastic toy. The actual box the set comes in is ideal for keeping the toys together when not in use. I was thinking at first I'd just be trashing the packaging, but the box is nice enough that I believe I'll keep it. The peridise themselves had a lot more heft than I had imagined too. Not sure about the construction, but they seem to have something heavier than plastic inside. enough weight to leave a knot if you rapped someone on the head with the larger ones. Pretty heavy for a four-inch piece of plastic. I found the toy's surface texture to be very smooth, not really slick and glassy, barely perceptible texture. Only thing I found issue with was with what I think would be the beginner set )22cm + 18cm(. I found sharp )to the rectum( seam ridges on both sides of both of those sizes in different spots. I won't be using either until I do some work with a piece of fine wet-sandpaper or something else to get them perfectly smooth. But the advanced set )20cm + 16cm( I found were almost blemish-free, so I was still pretty pleased with my purchase.
    Observed all of this in the few minutes I had before I needed to get started on some household chores I had on the agenda. Still feeling pleasurable tinglings and sensations in my nethers like I had throughout the day, I decided I'd do the mowing first so I could get a little sun too. Also occurred to me that the mower itself might further stimulate those feelings I was having down there.
    Now, normally I ride the mower really relaxed and either my butt just kind of goes numb, or I don't notice any feelings at all. But this was going to be different I could tell from the moment I sat down with the mower running. I felt like I was holding a small pc contraction and the moment my bottom made contact with the seat, I felt all those vibrations transmitted through those semi-tight and highly-excited areas go straight to my prostate and cause it to awaken even more, also causing my penis to go from really hard to rock-hard. I must have sit for a few minutes just marvelling over this, experimenting with the throttle control and pelvic postures and how these adjustments affected the sensations. All I can say is my prostate was more alive than I had known in a very long time, and it was responding to the stimuli in a very big way! Holding a light pc contraction caused the vibrations to center in the "sweet spot" and made it buzz like it was touched by an electrical charge. The longer I could hold that light contraction, the more the buzzing intensified, until I couldn't hardly stand it anymore. My penis was so swollen and leaking majorly, eyes were almost involuntarily rolling back, and my rectal muscles started to do the twitching and spasming I've come to know and love so much since. I don't know how, but I summoned the strength to carry on with the mowing. Still having a hard time trying to describe what it felt like when I finally put the mower in gear and started bouncing a little in the seat. My heart rate jumped up another couple of notches over where it had been, and I couldn't really control my breathing anymore. It was just me taking shallow breaths until I needed to breathe deeper, then the buzzing would make me take a deep breath, hold it, and just quiver. I've seen posts here describing what others have felt at the heights of their own ecstasies and can only conclude that this is what I also was feeling. I'm sure the only thing that kept me from having an orgasm with ejaculation was my strength of resolve not to do so, and adjusting my bottom on the seat to lessen the sensations. Also important to note, this occurred mid-afternoon with most of my neighbors out and around doing their own outdoor activities. Hard to smile and wave when your on the verge of passing out in the throes of ecstasy. I would have mowed the whole yard bald in first gear if I'd had the gas to do so and no one had been around, but I think I finished it up in a timely fashion. Was pretty hard to turn the switch and get off the mower, my breathing and heart rate were slowly coming back down, but my erection was still super-stiff and my legs were so weak I wasn't sure if I could stand at first. I'd never in my life been that abuzz for that length of time. My mind was reeling with the overload of endorphins I had received, and the wonder of it all. Even after I was off the mower I was still abuzz and having involuntary twitches and spasms in my general torso area, radiating out from my prostate. I know I could feel and visualize the exact size and placement of it at times. Couldn't believe the amount of precum that had been leaked in my shorts, maybe comparable to one of my first pubescent heavy petting episodes. Luckily, it was very hot that day and the rest of my shorts were wet with sweat too, or it could have been very embarrassing to run into someone on the way into the house. After standing for a few minutes and many deep relaxing breaths, my heart rate calmed down a lot and my boner started subsiding enough that I thought I could walk normally.
    When I made it inside and after I had gotten a cold one to help cool down, I sat down for a smoke before I hopped in the shower. Sitting again put pressure on my perineum and I could feel really strong blood pulses going through this area, and this made me start having involuntary scrotum contractions. My bottom felt like I had one of those small vibrating eggs turned on low enveloped in a little cocoon of nerves. Still had things to do with my afternoon however, so I managed to get up again to get cleaned up. Felt elated because I was sure this was a sure indication of an "awakening" like I had read others talk about, but amazed at the same time because I hadn't even used devices or anything to stimulate my prostate before. I reluctantly decided to postpone anymore active focusing on that area, and get on with what I needed to get done for the day.
    Enough for now,
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