• Launching an A Less Session

    I am in my 8th year of Super O – MMO practice. The progression of my experience with super o has been like walking through a carefully contorted maze. Each turn brings me to another unknown place; that place opens to endless other places to reveal kaleidoscopic orgasmic pleasures that flow in torrents. It has been a never ending journey of discovery. Through it all, the most delightful discovery was the realization of my ability to use my mind to drive mmo and generate extreme pleasure. That pleasure is so intense it tests the limits of my body’s ability to cope with intense ecstasy.
    Each session I do I learn some new technique or trick to amplify the erotic pleasure I feel. Often during a session I will drive orgasmic pleasure to a new spot in my body or I will use my mind to guide that pleasure to express itself in a new or intriguing way. However, one of the things that has been really positive for me is the ease in which I can initiate trembling pleasure spasms from a less or inserted sessions.
    Last night was one of those A less sessions that followed two days without mmo. Two days of denied mmo pleasure results in torrents of orgasmic spasms that make my legs tremble when I eventually do a session. So last night when J came to bed with a tee shirt and slinky panties clinging tightly to the smooth soft skin of her derriere, I knew that my session later in the soft quiet night of our bed was going to be juicy and sensually surreal.
    Years ago, one of my discoveries about either a less sessions or inserted ones was that 3-4 am is my magic time. In addition, gentle pressure of the cleft under my cockhead against the softness of the mattress or J’s derriere will always trigger the anal spasms that send ripples up my anal canal to lick against my prostate and inspire it to twitch and spasm in sweet ecstasy.
    She got into bed as I pulled the covers over both of us and spooned my nude body against hers. I was careful to avoid untimely convulsions of silken orgasm resulting from the underside of my cock feeling her silky hot bottom. Fortunately I fell asleep quickly.
    On schedule similar to a well run train, at 3 am I awoke with a stone hard erection. My anus was tingling, begging for orgasm. Looking next to me she was on her side facing away from me, sound asleep. Turning to face her, I slid up behind her and carefully arranged my cockhead to nest in the warm silky crevice of the panties that clung to her skin and descended into her crease.
    As I slid my steel hard erection into the satin warm caress of her rear, the sensual heat and silky sensation immediately made my anus begin to quiver in the familiar tension of pending mmo. My anal opening tingled and shuddered in response to the anguished erotic sensations that caressed my swelling cockhead.
    Ripples of pre orgasmic electricity began to creep up my anal canal leaving trails of excruciatingly sweet sensation in their wake. When the first tingle of bliss reached my prostate they danced all over the hardening gland making it twitch as it swelled up and hardened.
    Quieting my mind and suppressing the reflex to bear down I gave myself over to the symphony of sensations deep in my anus. I began to breathe deeply and evenly giving energy to the sensations that were growing deep inside me. Slowly and steadily the diffuse pleasure in my anus began to consolidate and concentrate on my prostate forcing it to shudder in sweet anguish.
    As I fanned the flames of erotic sensation with fantasized images of cocks penetrating me and me sinking my tongue into the hot sweetness of an orgasming vagina, shudders of pleasure on my prostate turned into subtle contractions. The subtle contractions consolidated even further and became profoundly erotic spasms of orgasm. Each spasm sent echoes of divine pleasure deep into my pelvis.
    Forcing my mind to pay attention to the sensation of her silken enshrouded derriere caressing my cockhead, the sensation of bliss chiming in my anal canal began to rhythmically squeeze my prostate. As my prostate began to pulse I could feel the precum drooling from my cock slit.
    As the ecstasy grew the spasms of orgasm began to be passed back and forth between my prostate and the root of my cock; each contraction of my cock root made my shaft lurch and dance. The contraction of my cock root in turn caused my perineum to shiver and contract adding to the waves of orgasmic rapture that resonated in my pelvis.
    I slid my hand under her tee shirt to caress her breast in hand. As my palm caressed her nipple it hardened in the warmth of my caress; she brought her hand to cover mine and hold it to her tit as she sighed quietly. I felt so sensually close to her a sense of warmth washed through me.
    Again I focused my thoughts on the feeling of my cockhead on her derriere and her nipple in my hand; as the sensually erotic connection of my cock in her ass and her erected nipple connected with the pulsing rapture in my pelvis the syncopated pulses speeded up and intensified to become regular hard convulsions.
    I had reached a new plateau of pleasure. All parts of my sexual anatomy were now fully engaged in this pulsing orgasm. My pelvis and perineum, anal tract, anus, cock root and cockhead were now a pulsing orgasmic chorus. The flow of precum was soaking her underpants. There was no doubt in my mind that when she awoke in the morning she would know in an instant that I was mmoing on her the evening before.
    For almost 90 minutes straight I lay there wallowing in the rapture of back to back cascades of orgasms. My anus was opening and closing rhythmically gulping at the pleasure that was flowing in and out of it.
    Breathing gently with each spasm I floated in a sea of sweet sensation. I could feel my nipples hardening and tingling as each wave of agonizing ecstasy washed across my skin. Chills began to flow up my spine clouding my thoughts and stilling my body. I relaxed and allowed sensations that I had never felt before take control of my body. Lurid images of sexual encounters with men and women flashed through my mind as my whole body seemed to pulse with each orgasm.
    When I came down from the cascades of orgasms, it was two full hours later. My anus was trembling and my prostate was twitching. They were in a conspiracy to restart the orgasms against my will. Just the thought of orgasms overwhelming me was almost enough to make me surrender and start them again. Instead, I fought the urge and I rolled onto my back and tried to calm down. Slowly the tension of arousal receded and I felt sleep slowly consume me.
    It was a delightful session indeed.

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      01/03/2015at7:26 pm

      That was a truly amazing read. Thank you for sharing that experience and session. Absolutely amazing!

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