• latest encounters

    It has been a few days since my last entry so here we go.

    Monday 12/3. I planned all day to have a meeting with my new friend, I was excited to see if we could return to a few days prior. While in the shower I joined up with my friend and it was smooth and easy. Helix slid in so gently, wanting to be together with me, feeling like an old lover who new all your subtle curves. Once fully locked in embrace my friend just disappeared, I could feel the slight movements letting me know she was home. Curled up in bed to start a sensual dance but my lover decided that all she wanted was to penetrate with no movement, cuddle with me and be in the moment. We drifted to sleep never making a sound or releasing our embrace.

    Tuesday 12/4. Thinking back I remembered that I have been saving myself for about almost 2 weeks, longest run yet. I decided to try something I had not done as of yet. Got cleaned up and went to join my friend. She was feeling extra frisky and difficult. Just when I was about to call it a night helix slowly started to join me but not before one last mention that she was in charge making me twinge with a bit if discomfort. I don’t understand why as she was all lubed like every encounter. Once nestled in embrace I could feel the fullness unlike the night before as if to tell me I want to play today. I slowly started to stroke my cock. As I grew I could feel the tingle of an orgasm starting to flicker. I pulled this right to the edge of the wave stopping and starting to keep from releasing fully I wanted to make this encounter a ruined orgasm. The tingle than slowly fell from my cock to inside my belly, I could feel my prostate start to vibrate with helix doing something, I didn’t care as it felt wonderful. I knew that just the slightest slip and all would be for not so I stopped stroking releasing all tension and felt a single pulse, looking down I had not cum but released fluid and pressure from my prostate. Before the tingle fully receded I went back up to the wave and did that again. Once more I got a single pulse. Both releases were more than I normal cum individually even after a week of SR. I went for 1 more ride, this time the pulse was about 1/4 of the first 2 and I was still stone hard. I decided to not push my luck to much further. Went to bed and reached down to start massaging after the foreplay. When I put pressure on my ‘sweet spot’ (I gotta move the tab slightly) an orgasm started to swell spreading through out my body. I could feel the start of small involuntary contractions but than they stopped. I flicked my finger just enough to raise the intensity of the sensations and they started back up ever so lightly so I went back to just holding pressure. We played this game of cat and mouse. Me giving just a little tickle and holding pressure and helix giving me a tickle back, but she didn’t want to do all the work alone forcing me to keep enough mental awareness that I couldn’t just let go to her fully. This went on for an hour. A wonderful hour it was.

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