• latest encounter with Miss Helix

    So I got my new cock ring in. That 1/8″ in diameter made all the difference. It is still small enough to keep my cock chubbed up some, my balls pushed up and out for a wonderful presentation but large enough to keep from getting cock locked when fully engorged and still helps to maintain that throbbing sensation. A side benefit I found is when I stack them the new one pushes out the smaller one enough to also keep from getting cock locked. I adore the way it feels. They are so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them till I see, read or think of something that excites me and my cock comes to life with a wonderful tingle as the rings tug on the skin of my perineum when my cock grows. I can see myself wearing these all the time but most likely won’t wear stacked as the pleasurable sensation can be distracting and I must pay attention at my new job.

    4/12 I met up with an old friend last night. I spent some quality time with Miss Helix. She was the first to give me a super O but hasn’t wanted to play with me in quite some time from lifes issues, but since having mostly gotten away from the stress I wanted to try to reignite our passion . We joined up around 10:45p. I crawled into bed getting on my left side around 11:15 to reacquaint our self’s. I relaxed and cleared my head, waiting for the slightest tingle, an indication she still desired me, still wanted to pleasure me. Sometime around midnight she started to wispier to me and tickle me in all the right places. I could feel her moving slowly but rhythmically with each breath. I started to succumb to her. As the minutes passed I could feel her working that magic like only she can. The level of pleasure was rising so slowly that I didn’t realize how high she was taking me, my head feeling light. My arms felt like whey were floating in mid air even though they were between the pillow and mattress. With the faintest whisper I thought I heard something but couldn’t make it out. The next thing I knew I felt like I was floating above the bed, swinging back and forth, my head swirling around like I had way to much to drink. I could feel my lover gliding within me, making love to me, lifting the level of pleasure higher before slowing to give me a few minutes to come back to reality. A few moments later she lifted me back up into that weightless level or orgasmic bliss. She performed this dance with me at least 4 times and each time I could swear I was hearing someone whispering but couldn’t make out the words. Perhaps I was hallucinating from the orgasmic stimulation. Last time I caught a glance of the clock was 2 something.

    I don’t remember drifting off to sleep but I remember waking at 3 something on my back with my cock straining and throbbing within my new cock ring. I reached down and slowly started to stroke myself. With each pull up I could feel Miss Helix press into my perineum and each push down her head would press into my prostate. After several minutes of stroking myself I could feel my prostate start to swell. I rolled back over onto my left side and relaxed into the bed. I felt my anus relax releasing it’s tight grip and Miss helix slowly started to move again with each breath I took. She worked her magic ever so slowly, again I didn’t even feel myself start to become weightless till I felt my head start to spin. My legs had the sensations of being stretched out even though I knew they were bent at a 90 degree with my feet intertwined together. I than noticed my anus starting to tingle like little electric shocks in different places all around the shaft of Miss Helix. My cock and balls still straining against the cock ring started to pulsate in time with my heart beat, orgasmic tingling starting to build in my shaft. It seemed like my scalp was beginning tingling when I felt the distinct sensations of ejaculating deep within my body. Spasms below my navel, unrelenting pleasure. I don’t know how long I was lingering in this state of orgasm but my mind which was blank up to this point started to flash into things I didn’t want to see. Each time I tried to push these images away and out of my mind to just feel the sensations, the pleasure of oneness with myself, the orgasm would start to wane. Again it happened, images I wanted to forget, again the pleasurable sensations waned more. once I started to acknowledge the pain and resentment associated with each image the orgasm would build back up. Before I knew it, it was after 4. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Is this part of the Kundalini being freed? rising? The spirituality that has been talked about? In what felt like minutes the alarm was going off at 7.

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