• Last session, some very nice feeling, close to an O

    I got a couple more sessions in, increase feeling of feeling full. very pleasurable.
    Last session, i was on my back, foot flat on bed, and i just stayed there, without moving a muscle. after a while , my butt started to contract and at every contraction, i was holding it in, somewhat hard. I experience some very nice feeling, i was not just dripping precum, it was actually flowing, and sometime, precum squirted out pretty far, like an ejaculation, like that for 30min, then i started to masturbate, edge, masturbate edge, after maybe 6 or 7 close call, the aneros went crazy and i came very hard, the cum was not the same color then usual, more white mix with lots of precum. best Orgasm ever. wonder if it was a Super-T ?

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