• last nights session was a disapointment but this morning.

    After my chairgasm last night I was eger to get to bed early.
    I tried helix…. no good so in with eupho. way better but not mind blowing and after 1 AM in the morning went to sleep with her still in.
    didnt get a good sleep as things must have been happening all night.
    I dreamed at one stage that I was walking through a house full of naked women that were in a aneros cult.
    "Prostate massage for females" what the F*#k!
    I joined the cult of course.
    At one stage though I actually ate my helix!
    I bit pieces off one by one and I could smell that slight scent that is on the aneros every now and then when you pull it out.
    Very weird dream indeed.
    I took the eupho out at about 7 in the morning for a rest as it was feeling numb.
    After a hour during which I had kept having anerosless feelings I inserted helix.
    Things got way better from thereand I had a goodish session until there was a knock on the door.
    I got dressed )helix still in place and atendent to the interuption. While standing and while walking I notice that something was different than when I had done this before.
    Normally the aneros will sit there and wobble about wich is great but nothing mind blowing but this time it was not sitting there it was working hard.
    It was pumping as I walked and while I was standing still.
    It even jamed itself in hard and I orgasmed while talking to this person that had come to the door.
    I gasped and my legs were shaking and I grabed onto a desk I was in front of.
    He asked me if I was ok and I said " I am ok it is just a dizzy spell I get them sometimes"
    HAHA if he only knew.
    I went back to bed and have been pleasured buy helix for hours. It is 1:0 in the afternoon.
    I need to stop and give my body a rest and do some chores. I may not be able to use the aneros for many days from tonight as I am going in for surgery. I am so reluctant to pull her out but must…

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