• Last Night

    So last night was so much fun. Close your eyes guys as I take you back on a eventful session. I was home alone and my prostate wanted to come out and play. I am able to have orgasms so frequent now so what I have been doing is having a Helix week then have a aneros-less week. So this has been my aneros-less week. I got on the website to enter the chat and it was very crowded with guys ready to learn and ride. One guy in particular Chuck was in the chat and sending his energies to everyone.
    Let me give you a little info on Chuck. has been with the company and product for years. He helps a lot of the newbies like myself out on our journey. He is very helpful and so many ways. *nasty thought just popped in my head* Ok I'm back. He just is a nice helping hand when ever your stumped in your journey. Our energies have connected so many times and last night wasn't even different.
    We chat on skype when we can. He was a little occupied at the time but still want to send me energy so I can feel good. I got on cam and gave a nice show. So nice to the point were he couldn't resist and had to join. But me I was in a frenzy. Involuntaries rapidly going through my body, having full body orgasms, rewiring like crazy and moaning and panting like a dog in heat. Even though I couldn't hear him i still felt his energy flow through my body. We only chatted for a little bit but it just felt amazing.
    After we ended that I still was rock hard leaking pre cum like crazy. I turned off my lights and just laid in my bed naked as the heat from the summer night ran over my nude body. I started to feel as if the hot breeze were hands playing piano on my body. If anyone knows about the piano man you know he is a freaky little man who is filled with pure xstacy and wont leave til you explode. I started to grab my pumped nipples from earlier and rub my belly as if I was getting a intense massage. I started to shake and shake and moan in pure lust and blissfulness. Even in pure darkness i felt as if I was not alone and had at least three sets of hands on my supple body trying to get me off the best way possible.
    Its like my whole body lifted in the air and i just stayed there. I couldn't move but feeling was happening all over me. I felt it building and building. I didn't want the feeling to stop. I was sweating and hollering to keep it going. Then I shattered and all my love came out my hard dick and sprayed the walls and me. After I came back to and realized the session I just had all i could was smile. I couldn't move, think, anything. The only thing I could do was sleep. I ended my session at 9:36. Went right to sleep afterwards naked in my wet spots without a care in the world. Didn't wake til 9:03 this am. Hopefully great times like this can give people the courage to keep going and never give up on the journey.

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