• Last Night Pounding

    Hi guys here again to tell a tell of my latest adventure with the magnificent progasm ice. I love that thing. I am really becoming a progasm slut and I'm ok with that lol. The way it fills me and hits my spot so hard but gentle all at the same time. It's mind boggling. Ok lets get into last night that ended this morning.
    So since I live with my parents my sessions can't start til there sleep. Well the planets were alined for me cause they went to sleep early. Ten p.m.. I was so happy and lucky and full of joy. I rushed to the bath room and cleaned up and washed up for this great night I was going to have. After I dried off I resided back to my room. I had my nut rag, safety clean up sheets, oil, erotic mp3's and my fabulous progasm. I was ready to begin. I didn't want to awake the parents so I had my mp3 on my ipod so I could listen to the erotic sounds as loud as I wanted too. I laid on on my back and lubed my ass up first and then progasm. The big guy was as edgar as me cause he slipped right on in. Instantly rushes of passion and lust rush over my entire body. So fast and so forceful moans begin to escape my mouth.
    I let my body do what ever it wants. My progasm really has a hold over me when he's inside me doing his thing. My legs just by them selves begin to rise. I pull them up high then boom my legs are dangling over my head I didn't even know I was that flexible. That site made me extra horny, so horny my dick began to rise and leak my special juices that I love to taste so much. I scoop some from my navel and drink it up like its the fountain of youth. Moans are getting louder and my nipples now want some attention. I begin to stroke them with just one finger. But then the passions got so intense on this huge orgasm thats building and i begin to grab them so hard and violently. I even began to slap my chest. I was in a trance and I knew my eyes were rolling in the back of my head from the sensations coming from my prostate.
    OH OH OH i feel it my dick is now jumping with anticipation of the orgasm that was about to happen. YES YES YES my breathing was so rapidly fast it was hard to breathe. Its like my progasm was a sledge hammer to my tender prostate just pounding away sending crazy sensation and waves to me with every hit. Still pouring pre cum by the gallons trying to hold back these moans were becoming a hard task then BOOOOOM. A full body orgasm erupted inside me. My whole body shook for about 6 to 7 minutes but it felt like a life time. I cried and sobbed the whole time. I was so turned on and such a slutty whore for my progasm right now. Oh but he's not done with me yet.
    As you know I love to fantasize while I ride so this session was no different. All of a sudden I heard a voice that commanded me to get on all fours. With out hesitation I hopped off my bed and got on the floor. I got down and had my ass up and face buried into the pillow. Then out of no where I felt a sting on my right butt cheek. I then look around to see nothing but pure blackness. Then a figure appears. A strong older man with body hair and a big cock comes to the light of the moon shining n on use. I didn't even know there was a us. He told me to be o all fours with my head up so he can see my face as he pounds my sweet ass. I did as directed and with a submissive face a showed him I was ready.
    He grabbed my long hair and shoved his 10 inch massive cock up my ass. I whimpered but he just covered my mouth so no one could hear. Stroking my already wet and used ass he just fucked me til I begged him to stop. But I wasn't gonna do that. I was enjoying this pounding just like all the others. He then on his command forced my head into the pillow and continued to show my hole who was boss. Sending waves through my whole body as I took ever inch repeatedly. I was so weak I didn't have the strength to jack my dick.
    He flipped me over like the rag doll I have become to him and he fucked me some more. But while on my back he gave me permission to jerk off but only with his command to cum. I began to go slow cause he loves to see me squirm when I edge for hours. As he pounds my used hole I hear him bark do it faster, do it faster. I pick up the speed and getting my dick as hard as its ever been. I see him look at me with those sex fend eyes and him telling me not to cum. But I can't hold it. Please let me cum. NO! was all I heard. I whimpered more to show him that the passion he was giving me was to unbearable. He then began to choke me making the air leave my body. I tried to breathe but the air in the room was so thick of lust and passion it was hard to do. I began to jack faster and faster as he slips in and out of my wet open hole. HE is calling me every dirty name in the book and I accepting it all cause I don't want him to stop. I feel it. He sees my face and gives me the green light to shoot.
    My body is limp and my hole is now twitching from the asult it just took. I open my eyes to see no one there. All I see is a boy cover in cum and sweat with a light shining on him which was the sun. I got pounding all night and morning and didn't even know it. I looked at the clock and it was 5 am. I started at ten thirty. WOW all i could o was just lay there. So many thoughts were running through my head. Who was that person conjured up. He was so different then all the other men i have imagined. Who ever he was he did a number on me. I couldn't do anything but sleep. I grabbed my bed cover and draped it over my naked cum covered body and was knocked out. I didn't wake up til ten this morning. My hole is still stinging from the fun I had. I love that progasm. The things that we have done already within the first month have been mind blowing. So that was my night/morning with Mr. Progasm.

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      10/06/2013at1:15 am

      "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein
      You have amply demonstrated that here dear friend BigOluver!! 😀 😀
      all the most powerful education of our imaginations Anerosians all
      as we rewire
      we are all reconnected

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