• Kegels

    So I had a session last night and I have come to the conclusion that I now have strong kegel muscles. I have been doing them through out the days and the ending results makes me tighter and firmer down there. So when I grip my progasm ice my prostate is really happy.
    I slide my guy in and just let it set for a few minutes then started to use my kegels. I was then pushed with powerful punches of pleasure to my prostate. I mean i shook and hollered into the pillow for a good 10 minutes. It felt so good. then it's like they started to go it on them own then I knew I was in auto fuck mode.
    As soon as I let go my body took me for a ride that I have never have gone on. It was amazing. I also noticed that my dick does not get hard any more when I ride. I mean even last week when I had my hfwo I was semi hard when I oozed out my juices. I has been three days since I have had a wet orgasm. I don't even have the desire to touch my penis. I will cum eventually cause the pipes will need to be cleaned.
    Its so crazy all of this is happening with only 8 months under my belt. I also have been into tantra breathing and movements. Moving the energy from my belly into my chest and into my nipples making it move to my head and out my ears. Great stuff. aslo update on dad.. He is loving his progasm as well but the vibrating vice is his favorite. He says the buzzing gives his prostate that extra nitch to reaching his pleasure point.

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