• Kegeling and Diddling in a Jock and Cup

    Hi guys,

    About a week or two ago, I composed a blog entry on how to choose correctly the best fit jock and cup for your gonads and cock. Tonight I declare that both items are ideal for Kegels and Diddling yourself.

    Ordinary jockstraps and jocks with pockets for holding athletic cups are ideal for the Kegel Exercises and for the pleasures of diddling your nipples. Athletic supporters and cup jocks have the elasticity of material in the waistbands, leg straps, and pouches that facilitate the Kegels and enhance the pleasure of nipple diddling. If you are wearing an athletic cup for contact sports or a cup for maintaining your chastity or sexual continence, just be sure that such cups and their jock cup holder fit your genitalia as perfectly as possible. An ill-fitting jock and cup combo may be downright uncomfortable and lessens the beneficial effects of the Kegels and even your diddling.

    Kegeling and diddling in a jock and cup is ideal any time of the day, say sitting at my PC, or sitting on a couch watching TV, or even walking outdoors in a natural fashion. A cup bulge in your jeans or slacks may be noticeable, or even obscene, but heck, you are doing something good for yourself, and it is certainly health promoting.

    @goldenboy has inspired me to wear a jock and cup to bed most nights. Kegeling and diddling in the still of the night are indeed sweet and powerful. @darkbond through his daily Kegel routine has inspired to look at the Kegel Exercises anew. Take care!

    P.S. A note on athletic/chastity cups. Quite a few are called banana cups and are contoured to fit more perfectly the male groin. Hence they contain perfectly a guy’s scrotum and penis. The bottom edge of banana cups fit or “hitch” underneath a guy’s scrotum and touch guy’s perineum or taint. Hence performing the Kegels in a jock and cup actually feels real good. In a way, a good fitting banana cup massages a guy’s perineum slightly but most pleasurably as he Kegels. Another thought is to consider guy’s anatomy here. An athletic cup, yes, holds and protects a guy’s cock and balls, but it seems to me in this general area is located a guy’s cock root. Just Kegel and diddle yourself, and you will see what I mean! 🙂

    P.S. no. 2 on athletic/chastity cups at 4:30 a.m., December 15: I woke up around 2 a.m. this morning hankering to view a video that I saved on my Tumblr blog. Couldn’t find it. Out of luck. @goldenboy enjoys wearing the Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup. It has a fairly wide perimeter or gasket on its edges to prevent chafing against your groin. The Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Cup has a similar perimeter. Such perimeters or gaskets on cups are definitely old school on athletic cups. They were standard design on traditional triangular flat cups. Another athletic cup supporter unit I recommend for your use is the Martin Athletic Supporter & Cup which you can order from Epic Sports. The cup while smallish fits remarkably well. It has a wide gasket too, adding to its comfort.

    Right now I am Kegeling and Diddling in sweats while wearing a BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85 which was on the market briefly 1985-88. This cup has a thick gasket and is a contoured banana cup which produces a cup bulge in jeans or pants. I plan to wear this combo during much of this rainy Saturday coming up. Take care.


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      12/15/2018at9:42 am

      @BigGlansDC. As a recent newcomer to the strap and cup I can only confirm that they do seem to enhance the Kegel and nipple diddling effect. Having my cock restrained in the 6.00 o clock position whilst K’ing and D’ing helps to focus the pressure right onto my prostate. It seems to act like a lever deep down into my root. Enjoyed some wonderful Aless.

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      12/15/2018at12:18 pm

      @Harper, I went back to bed in the 5 o’clock hour and discovered that I could Kegel in my jock and cup amazingly easily. I have been doing the Kegel Exercises since October 2011, but since August 2016 the Kegels are a natural activity. Diddling my nipples revs up the sweetness I derive from my Kegels.

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