• keeping track

    I decided to start a blog because I have been posting under the testimonials under born again user. A post I made years ago. you can go back and read if you want to see my history although it was not very exciting. It was not until recently (the last two weeks that I have decided to give a good effort at this) I just completed my sixth session in the two and a half week period. I was going along and relaxing and started to feel like something was happening I felt a warming sensation like I was going to pee or possibly start to cum. I relaxed and let it happen a squirt came out that looked like clear urine. I thought oh that must be the stream of pre cum everyone is talking about. I was a little startled so i relaxed and built up the feeling again, then another squirt and another like I was cumming but a lot of fluid. At this point I realized it was pee. I got up went to the toilet and urinated for ever like i just drank five beers. got back on the bed and tried some more for half an hour and could not get anything going. was thinking to much and it was getting late. While cleaning up I had to pee again. Does the aneros stimulate the bladder at times. Every session has been totally different for me. I feel I am moving in the right direction because i am feeling things i never felt before in my first experience years ago. Will keep trying and track my progress. I thought I was going to take the week off but the urge to try again won me over. Looking forward to things to cum.

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