• Just ordered the Progasm Classic

    I just ordered the Progasm Classic. I am a newbie to all of this but super-excited. From reading the blogs I can tell that this all takes a bit of practice but hopefully I will pick it up quickly.

    I just got the Progasm Classic in the mail today. Initial impressions – it was smaller and harder than what I expected. I set about to testing it out. Inserting it was not difficult. I felt a small amount of prostate pressure but not much. I fumbled around to find the optimum positions for me – going from lying straight back on the bed to standing next to it and being bent over the bed. I tied moved the devise around using my kegal and sphincter muscles but wasn’t getting that “building” sensation. I googled some websites to watch how it was done but I didn’t see anything that really showed me how to do it.

    I laid back down again and just experimented using my muscles again. I really don’t want to touch my cock as I saw some do in the videos as I am going for a total prostate experience. I started getting into some sort of rhythm but I can tell that my muscles aren’t really disciplined enough yet to move this thing the way that it needs to stroke me. Anyways – seeing the blog I realized beforehand that this isn’t something that you get right off the bat.

    I think I have a general idea of what I need my body to do to make this happen but it’s just going to take practice.

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