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    According to my blog, this is the first time I've used my Aneros in two years! Thankfully it didn't take me long to get back in to the swing of things, and I don't ever recall my sessions feeling this intense. Perhaps it's my memory.
    I bought an MGX, which is a model I haven't used before and it seems to fit me better than the Eupho, Helix or Progasm. The handle is a little irritating though.
    I had a session today that was really nice. Lots of subtle sensations in my lower abdomen. One really intense feeling in my left thigh, right on the inside. Who know it could feel like your leg was cumming?!
    I feel like I'm being rewired again, which is awesome. Hopefully this time I can make some big progress :)

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      11/14/2015at5:09 pm

      Hi bud,
      I salute you in your saying that becoming proficient with the Aneros is like learning to ride a bike. I had that experience one spring day in fourth grade when I learned to ride a bike on the front lawn of our family home in Connecticut. Soon I was riding both in town and out of town in the country and loving every minute of it. Of course, I had to learn the rules of the road! :-]
      Same thing with swimming. I took swimming lessons a couple weeks each summer from age ten to age thirteen. One day I learned the knack of swimming and soon became an expert swimmer! :-]
      For me, after three years of Aneros sessions, I experienced my first Super-O last July 4. Thereafter my sessions have gotten better and better. I also enjoy Aless too!
      Finally I believe that the effect of Aneros sessions are cumulative and sooner or later you have Aneros tipping point[s] or breakthrough[s]! You are bound to succeed with Aneros!

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