• Just had a REALLY good ride for the first time in ages.

    I haven’t had a good ride in about a year and a half, I wasn’t even that horny, but the INSTANT I put it in, it floored me. I fell to my knees overpowered by this immediate wave of pleasure. Barely made it to my bed, but when I got there it got REALLY good, REALLY fast.
    The auto-fucking was so effortless and so consistent I just laid there and took it. Suddenly felt like everything around my rectum started swelling really intensely and the toy was going in and out, rubbing against this one spot, scratching that itch so perfectly. It was building and building and then nothing. I kept going at it with different techniques, but in the end it just kept building and fading a few more times.
    I almost finished when I got rock solid out of nowhere and the pre cum started pouring out of me. But I couldn’t get anywhere without wanking. But when I came I swear I had two simultaneous orgasms. One from my prostate and one from cumming.
    Definitely my new favourite model, I’ve never had that much ease with getting to what I assumed would be a super o. I just need to be more consistent and it’ll happen.

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    • Ggringo

      09/29/2020at4:00 pm

      Hey @masked, congratulations on achieving a new level of pleasure! I suspect it will only get better from this point on! Thanks for sharing; your post is inspiring.

      Good vibes to you

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