• Junior's Got Talents!!!

    Progasm Junior is the latest new model from Aneros, and I wondered just what Junior might have in store for us. I love my Ice and the knowledge that Junior was also slick acrylic was most encouraging. When I first slipped Junior in with a bit of ID Glide, I felt wonderful and immediately satisfied with the investment!!
    Over these three introductory sessions several talents have appeared:
    1. great auto*F response!!!
    2. playful mobility, not up to Eupho levels, butt great added fun!
    3. best ever involutaries gentle massage sustained and very productive in prostate responses!!!
    4. Junior's "dime"-like P and K tabs, unlike the typical Progasm P and K "balls", dig deeper and gave me the best ever K-tab responses. ) I never objected to the deep dime P-tab on my MGX, my only model for my first nine months with Aneros.(
    5. lack of name tab at bottom of stem is another plus, since it makes sitting up and riding Junior much easier than regular Progasms.
    Junior joins Syn and Max as great mid-sized "opening acts" for multi-model switch up sessions!!!
    Having been thrilled with Ice, came to wonder how a Progasm Classic would work for me without the slick acrylic surface…. bought the red Valentine bargain )thanks Aneros!( Progasm Classic, and very happy that I did!!
    Opened delightfully by Junior, I have had three great rides with the slower yet powerful shorter-stroke auto*F and two BPH therapy sessions with Red and this model is a great variation now in my quiver!!!
    In each session I returned to Junior and had great chains of dry multiples of across the range of the power spectrum, along with lots of tickles, tingling and BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ 😀
    Ratings??? How do we do this here??
    KNOBS! Junior scores 5 out of 5 KNOBS!!!!!

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