• Julien

    Yesterday, I finally received my nanny Aneros, the large model, the “Maximus”.
    And that night, I was able to use it.
    Dressed in my cotton nightgown that I like, the one, with the short sleeve, which covers me from shoulders to mid-thigh, I first fell asleep normally. And I woke up in the middle of the night, with my huge desire to use my new Aneros Maximus.
    I lying on my side, legs slightly folded. With my saliva, my hand between my thighs, I wet the entrance to my anus. I took my new Aneros and wet it well with my saliva. Buttock spreaders, I then presented it at the entrance of my ass. By pressing lightly, I immediately felt its size. I then pushed it, more and more to make it enter the hole of my anus …. What a joy to feel it penetrate me zen! So I have it dark at the bottom and I started the contractions of my anus. Yes, what a joy to feel it in me, fat, gradually heating up.
    I thus made go my anéros in me with my anus, or with my hand, by masturbating me the big and full sex of desire.
    Long moments of happiness …

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