• I've always been an adventrous sort

    The entire time I've been active I've always had a bit of a kinky side that likes to peek out from time to time. I work some 40 miles from my home and ride a commuter vanpool. Now, last night I had a first run with my Helix Syn and liked its feel. So, I wondered what would the ride of a van with a 'stiff' suspension and 'hard' tires do for me.
    I left him in and quickly noticed the vibration of the uneven freeway surface. Helix was vibrating with the road inside my anus, road imperfections were oh so sweet, and parking lot speed bumps were heaven. My cock and balls appreciated every turn, every change in speed, every quick press of the brake. Sphincter contractions added to the sensations as I slowly rocked back in forth with the motion of Helix.
    Now, I wouldn't recommend this type of session on a regular basis, but as a slight diversion down a kinky avenue try it. You'll thank the road department for being 'behind' on repairs.

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