• It's working!

    One my wife went to bed last night I easily managed to go into another orgasm, again sitting at my computer. I have worked out exactly where I need to focus to bring on my orgasm – along the underside of my penis and I can amplify this quite quickly now to the point where I can orgasm easily.
    This orgasm rapidly became INTENSE! It felt like I had gone up a gear. The orgasmic waves felt more powerful than I have ever had before, in fact I really did wonder if I could take it, and my prostate was contracting so hard it felt sore (not too unpleasant). After a few minutes of this I had to stop and rest.
    After getting into bed I brought on an orgasm again within minutes. This felt really good again. I had moved into new territory and have really learnt to ride these orgasms letting them take me wherever they want. I was having super powerful orgasms that felt just like normal ejaculatory orgasms making me thrust my pelvis forward, but 100 times stronger sensations and lasting minutes, although I could have kept each one going forever if I had wanted. At one point I started to feel waves of pleasure in my legs and I felt my right leg have an orgasm, almost impossible to describe but a definite orgasm in my leg! It happened twice. I felt waves of pleasure moving all along my body right from my toes and into my head and it felt good! Then I totally relaxed concentrating on keeping the orgasm going – until now I had always had tension through my whole body during an orgasm, frightened it would go off if I relaxed.
    Within a minute I could feel I was entering something totally new. my upper chest had an orgasm, then it moved into my head and I wondered if it was safe to have an orgasm in my head so it didn't quite happen but I felt close to having a full orgasm go off in my head! I could feel a wonderful glowing sensation through my whole body, not really waves any more but a constant intensely pleasurable glow and the feeling of a 'cocoon' I recognised this as what other people had described happening, it was getting almost spiritual. I think that I had experienced so many new things I was feeling a bit lost by now and rather amazed.
    In 5 days I have gone from never having had a prostate orgasm to experiencing not just super orgasms at will but also something even more profound and beautiful. Maybe going to work today will be a good thing otherwise I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about what happened last night.

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