• Its not called Eupho for nothing

    I haven’t had much time to update my blog recently. But I have still been quite active and have a bit of a backlog of events I would like to share with you all. At first I wrote one big bumper edition but decided it was too lengthy. I have split it into three episodes and will post them individually.
    It must be almost a year now since I began this exciting venture into Aneros use. Never for one moment did I expect things to develop the way they have. Pre-Aneros, my solo sessions consisted of a quick wank, probably on a Friday night, more out of habit than anything else. Once out of the way I rarely gave it another thought until the next Friday came around. Contrast that with the present, where rarely a day goes by without me engaging in some activity or another, enjoying feelings of heightened arousal and frequent erections. Not to mention my collection of Aneros devices and related paraphernalia. I have the sort of sexual energy that I do not recall enjoying even in my youth, and that’s a while ago!
    So after almost a year’s use I have learned never to have expectations, just go with the flow and enjoy whatever happens. So far this has served me well but I have still had lots of surprises along the way. A couple of my more recent sessions however have taken me completely unawares, with results at totally opposite ends of the scale. Let’s start with this one.
    My choice for the session was my Eupho Trident, the smallest in my array. Thinking back I remember I had been a bit off colour with some stomach cramps and felt a bit yuck! I began the session making a conscious decision to ignore the urge to tense up my my abdomen as I usually find myself doing when the waves of pleasure build, I did not want to aggravate my tummy. Instead I lay completely flat on my back with legs outstretched and, relax, relax, r-e-l-a-x. It is very difficult to relax every muscle, even if you think you have there will still be tension. So with every exhale, I concentrated on individual limbs etc. It became like a meditation and I had the sensation that I was sinking further and deeper into the mattress with every out breath. This all took a little time, and while there were some pleasant sensations from my prostate I knew an orgasm wasn’t coming. I actually hoped one wouldn’t happen and disturb the serenity that I was enjoying. I was floating, enjoying the larva lamp-like display that I could see behind my eyes. Eventually, reluctantly, I had to come back to earth and settle down to sleep. What greatly surprised me was that the next day I was still floating on cloud nine and in a totally relaxed state. The cares of the day, of which thankfully I have few, meant nothing to me. World War might have broken out overnight and I couldn’t have given a shxx! The milk has spilled all over the floor, the washing machine has flooded the place, the next door neighbours music is so bloody loud? Ha ha, so what, who cares man. I glided through the day in this condition, it was strange. In a great sort of way. Sadly the day after, this all evaporated from whence it had come and I had returned to my usual, occasionally irritable, shouting at the tv self.
    Over the next week or so I still had some nice therapeutic sessions, my tummy trouble was settling down and I was well into a spell of SR. Then into the mix came edging! Due to the terribly bad influence of one or two members on here I began reading posts on the subject and checking out various links. I have previously dabbled with what I thought was edging but I soon realised I was going to have to up my game. So I embarked upon regular edging practice but still maintained my run of SR. By now I was absolutely rampant for most of the time with persistent erections and a good supply of pre cum. It was then that I had my second only encounter with my Progasm Ice.

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