• It's been a while…

    Not a great deal happened in the last few weeks. Most sessions led to a "calm seas" O, which I really liked. I then had a long weekend when I was away from my toys and also too busy during the day and too tired at night to be able to have even an anerosless session.
    When I got back to it, things had changed. My body was reluctant to follow the (by that point) well trodden path to the calm seas. I tried with both models I had and also without.
    Maximus was giving a nice glow, but no other effects. Helix was a lot better, but things weren't going as they had been before the break. For one thing, the shakes and spasms that had been subdued before, were now becoming more prominent and slightly violent.
    I don't view this as necessarily a bad thing, and certainly wouldn't say the sessions were duds. This is a learning process for the body. Any new experience is a good thing, whether or not it is immediately pleasurable. With time, hopefully the body will learn these new pathways to pleasure.
    That said, I've just had a 20 minute (yes, the shortness of it surprised me too) anerosless session, fully clothed, just lying flat on the bed in the "stick man" position. It ran the gamut of experiences so far: shakes (both localized and whole-body), cramps, pulsing and tingling in the prostate, twitching in individual muscles, feelings of being gently squeezed all over, and finally a slow build to a "calm seas" which intensified into a feeling of deeply relaxed serenity.
    The important thing to remember is that even when nothing seems to be happening, it probably is, and you just need to let it all happen all on its own.

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