• It's All In The Wrist…

    Had an interesting couple of sessions yesterday and last night.
    Yesterday had an hour of free time so I tried using the Helix with a condom for lube method, and it again worked great. (I just never could seem to feel the Helix inside, but when started using condom method for lube, I could finally feel it and the pwaves it caused.) Had a 1 hour session with several intense dry-Os and at least one super-o.
    At bedtime, I had more time, so had an ALess session. My prostate was still aroused from earlier, so didn't take a lot of time. Did a few minutes of PC contractions, till felt pwaves, then added nipple stimulation till I had a few Dry-Os.
    Then I started pulsing my glans with my finger with nipple stim until my whole prostate felt like it was pulsing along with my finger and had some dry-o's with that. Then got bored and I played around with trying to move the orgasms from pulsing the glans into my spine. Started having Very intense dry-Os. Kept this up till my whole body felt like it was pulsing to my finger on my glans. Pretty cool…!
    Finally I changed to holding the glans with 3 fingers and rotating it gently right then left, back and forth, over and over with nipple stim. Very intense pwaves in my penis. I kept it up at a rate of like 2 rotations per second initially, but after fireworks started, I played around with the rotation speed including extremely slow. For me, medium was better.
    I was concerned that the intense pleasure might turn into an ejaculation, but I've found that if I push out with my (I think my abdominal diaphram?? Anyway whatever muscle we use to push poop out), then it seems like the pwaves center on the prostate, or at least don't build toward an ejaculation…
    So, rotating my glans turned into the intense feeling that I was rotating my prostate by hand. It felt like my dick was a rod attached to the prostate and I was directly rotating it (!). Figure maybe the two bulbous shafts inside the penis extend all the way down to it's root, and maybe were translating the rotation down to near the prostate. Anyway, I felt the base of my penis to see if it was rotating, because it literally felt like my whole dick and prostate were… The base wasn't, but I could feel some movement inside. OK, whatever! Felt so intense.
    This kept building. I kept tending to clench my PC muscles, but my experience is that if I allow that, it deadens things, so I kept pushing out, and relaxing my PC muscles, and this felt like it was allowing something to build inside. I started having intense Dry-O's which building, and several intense and rolling super-os popped up when I relaxed. Body quivering and legs bouncing around and spazing out. Got to writhing in pleasure a few times.
    Several times when I stopped pushing, I felt it might turn towards an erection, but keeping up the pushing stopped that, and my testicles weren't turtling up, so I figured I was OK there.
    This was about an hour session. I'd had enough, and when it subsided, I wrote down some notes and went to sleep (happy!)
    I woke up several hours later to pee and just for grins, tried nip stim and rotating my glans again and within less than a minute I was feeling super-os. Didn't want to stay up all night, so after a few, went back to sleep. Then when I woke up I tried it again just to see, and sure enough, same thing happened though took a few minutes longer to start the ball rolling. Had stuff to do though, so just got up.
    It really is "all in the wrist" !!

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      11/12/2015at11:09 am

      Amazing stuff ltg.
      Thanks for sharing. You and I are in a group of guys who find penis Yes to be an advantage to us men once we have hit at least the stage of dry Os (at least in my situation.)
      So glad you are advancing in this.

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