• It hurts but still feels good

    Hello all. So where to begin. Me and my family have a very nice size home. But with everyone working so much it gets quit messy at times. So what does this have to do with my journey, just stay with me. So we all decided to have a cleaning day today & to not leave a spec of dust anywhere. So since I now how my mom is about cleaning I knew a early morning was in my future. So that mean no long accelerant session. I even started my session early so I would get me enough sleep for my day of hard labor.
    So it's 10 p.m. and the parents are sleep. So I slip in my helix and grab my oil to masturbate. Usually with my sessions I just edge with out touching my penis but this time since it was gonna be short I just wanted to make it eventful. So eventful that I grabbed a cock ring and put it around my balls and dick. I was already semi hard from the anticipation of this session. I lubed it up and slide it on whoo. I haven't wore one in a while and it was a nice tight fit.
    As I relaxed my Helix started to do his job. But my cock began to rise instantly. I don't know if it was coming only from the cock ring or was it just a over all great night and feeling in my body. As I'm building up my body begins to twitch and move and my cock is standing at attention. I mean he's just there shining with the moon reflecting off of it. I'm still rising and build from this first orgasms. I am feeling amazing. As soon as I get to the tippy top of my orgasm my dick begins to twitch. Now I mentioned in the chat that I have not had a wet orgasm in three days. So I'm a little afraid of what's about to happen. So Im stroking my rock member with one hand and got a nipple in the other while I ride my Helix in total blissfulness. I mean I was in another galaxy and I was not coming back to real life even if you begged me with millions of dollars. As the waves begin to flow back down I'm still hard.
    I was stroking very slowly to avoid the eruption of cum. I'm pouring out pre cum like a water fountain. as another orgasm begins to rise I begin to stroke a little faster. I chanting some really nasty things to myself as if a beautiful man was on top of my member. I'm stroking and riding, stroking and riding. I reach the top I let go of my penis and subside back down again. Then this sharp pain goes up the left side of my penis. Even though it hurt I was still turned on. I begin to stroke faster and faster provoking the cum inside me to rise and show its self. My legs begin to shake and my nipples were so hard I thought they were going to pop. I'm moaning and i don't care who hears. I want this nut, I need this orgasm. Give it to me. I chant. My sexual demon is resurfacing again. I can't control him, he's out to play. My whole body is shaking and I am not in control any more. I feel as if my ass, my dick, my nipples and my head are all having a orgasms. I feel the nut rising. My back is arched. Yes YES YEEEESSSSSSS. I shake in total bliss. I know I'm being heard but I don't care. I want this post three day sperm out of me. Just thinking about it got me trembling.
    Pre cum is flying and who knows what else. I'm not even in my room any more. I'm in a cave with dozen of hands on me making me feel like a king. A king full of cum. I'm still stroking, I'm still shaking. I'm rock hard. It hurts, it hurts. I begin to cry. My sexual demon is not torturing me. Not knowing that my sexual demon is me and I'm always in control. I begging him to let my penis go but he won't. It hurts I moan. He doesn't believe me. I feel it cumming. I smell it. He's taking me to a place I have never been. I'm scared. I'm still crying, still moaning, still shaking still hard. I'm at the top. I feel it sliding up. The pleasure had left and the pain was becoming more dominant.
    I had to stop. I surrender, I surrender I moaned. He let go. the pain went away. My body came back down. I'm now in my room. I noticed after the 30 minutes of me catching my breathe my helix was on the floor. I can't believe that. Wow my cock was still hard from the cock ring. I easily took it off and hide that thing. No more of that and I am not gonna lose control like that again. It felt good but wow. So to end this madness. I did not cum and my cock is alright but no more cock rings for a while. But in all it was a great session.

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      08/06/2013at11:54 am

      Oliver. If your dad heard that, believe you me he is really really anticipating the arrival of his own personal aneros.
      Again, you and your dad are at a juncture where a special bond could develop with your dad if you handle it right. Be discreet and take the high road here and wait for an opportunity when your dad asks more about the aneros.
      I envy where you are both in your aneros journey and in the possibility of a deeper relationship with your dad than just the superficial stuff that men generally discuss without going deeper personally.

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