• It happened at last!

    Last night I had my first proper dry orgasm for over a week! Emotionally it was the most satisfying I have ever had and I felt euphoric I couldn't do anything but lie and think 'wow' when it finally settled down. I just lay there the whole time thinking 'thank you, thank you' and enjoyed the wonderful sensations take hold of me again. Whether it was a super-O I don't care it was just beautiful whatever it was.
    I'm not going to analyse any more. It happened again, at last, and I think I deserved it, and I appreciated it more than anything. Whether they will start happening regularly for me again now I don't know.
    Yesterday I found out about the Kundalini Syndrome and realised that this is what I had after a super-O where I had purposely pushed the energies up my body and into my head. I was playing around really keen to try other things but had stumbled into something I was not prepared for. Ultimately it has led to me going through a big spiritual awakening and I know now that I put myself totally out of balance.
    I have posted about this on the forum ad nauseam.
    I know that I was very frightened of re-awakening Kundalini energies, and I know that for me this is dangerous. I know that this is a big part of why I was blocked.
    I have started re-balancing, touched on some of my deep childhood traumas, I really don't think I have fully resolved these and I'm sure there is more to come when I am ready for it. Once I have fully re-balanced myself and feel at peace with my life I will be ready to start allowing the Kundalini energy to come back. I still have a long way to go.
    I think I had a safe orgasm last night. I was determined that it would go outside my pelvis and it didn't, and I'm very satisfied with that. The full body orgasms and amazing things I felt before were very nice but I dare not go there again yet. This journey is going to be slower than I thought. I'm still amazed that I went so far so fast when I first started – there are certainly some very powerful energies inside me that once I am ready for them will re-emerge. I look forward to being able to feel them and use them properly one day until then there are a lot of changes I have to go through and they will happen to me if I allow them to.
    I continue to be grateful for everything and for the changes this has brought into my life.
    — This morning I entered a state of feeling like I was on ecstacy )although I have never tried it(. I felt love for everyone, my wife seemed more attractive than ever and I loved her deeply and I wanted to hold her and kiss her and tell her that I loved her. I felt a warm tingling over my whole body.
    We had to go shopping and just before we left I gave my wife another kiss and felt wonderful. As I drove I felt a powerful energy rising through me and into my head and it got more and more powerful and really felt out of control. I wasn't sure if it was safe to drive. It was slightly annoying because it wasn't what I wanted to happen right then so I had to do everything in my power to stop it and it felt frightening.
    I calmed down and did some grounding. Talking to my wife about it helped she did seem to understand. All through the trip I then continued to feel unusual and full of love.
    It's gone now I feel back to normal in fact I feel very normal again, even a bit stressed like I used to. Not sure if I did the right thing controlling the energy I feel as if maybe I should have let it run, and now it's gone totally.

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      06/07/2015at6:36 pm

      Cool dude! I have to ask though, what's your technique here? Contractions or not?

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