• Introducing the Helix Syn Trident!

    This week Aneros is proud to announce the release of our new Helix Syn™ Trident series Male G-spot massager. The introduction of the Helix Syn Trident represents the synthesis of our most popular series of products with our newest design innovations.

    An Original Syn

    As many of you know, the original Syn series models were hybrid devices combining the firmness of our rigid massagers with the softness and luxuriant feel of velvet smooth silicone. These products featured all the performance aspects of our solid, Acetal based models with the softness and comfort of a high grade silicone.

    New Standards

    Shortly after the release of the Trident series it was clear we had reached a milestone in Aneros development led by our new Multi-Axial Motion (balancing) architecture. Prior to this point, all Aneros products moved in two planes, along the Z-axis (in and out) and along the Y-axis (up and down). With MAMA ™ we were able to create movement along the X-axis (side to side) as well. Simply put, this new range of motion produced more sensations. At the same time the Tridents introduced a new arm/tab configuration that improved P and K-spot stimulation with greater responsiveness.

    A New Syn

    The concept of combining our most popular product with our newest design innovations was essentially a no brainer, prompted in large part, by popular demand. It also presented us with an excellent opportunity to make other improvements that were unique to the Syn. The original Syn featured a soft arm/tab arrangement that was built almost exclusively for comfort. The Helix Syn Trident features arms and tabs that are slightly firmer. This added firmness affords several benefits, without compromising comfort. First, it allows the Syn to be more responsive to your contractions and pivot inward with greater sensitivity. In combination with the new balancing architecture, this produces more internal sensations. Second, the slightly firmer arms and tabs generate more sensation externally, producing a unique “cradling” effect. Along with this we moved to a softer, slightly less dense silicone. This material is not only smoother to the touch, but also has a very subtle “give” to it, providing additional comfort. Lastly we gave the new Syn a striking new look with red and white tabs, paying tribute to the legacy of all Aneros products. The red P-tab for the erotic nature of prostate massage and the white K-tab for its health benefits.

    The Helix Syn Trident combines the utmost comfortable with focused stimulation and responsiveness. A terrific choice for new and advanced users alike. According to our testers it also excels as a device for intercourse, gently stroking the prostate with every thrust, while remaining in place! If you’ve never owned a Syn before, there’s never been a better time to try it. If you’re already a fan of the Helix Classic Syn we’re convinced you’ll find the Helix Syn Trident a significant upgrade.

    Check it out today!

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