• Intro

    I know I have stumbled on something very special (or at least special to me) when I get as enthusiastic as I have become. Thus, I feel compelled to write about this, my experiences with and surrounding the Aneros.
    I have only been toying around for about a month(ish). After the first week I was expounding to those I knew (and wouldn't think less of me for it.) The virtues of this wondrous little device. (I believe two of my friends have purchased one just from that.).
    So, I believe this may be the best channel for the brimming enthusiasm I seem to get with every little step I have stumbled upon. I believe it may even serve to help solidify these experiences so they may be revisited and/or used to help ramp up further experiences. (Tools for the toolbox, I have heard it put as.)
    If nothing else, at least it will be a test of my writing ability. I seem to love to tell a good story and hey, if people are compelled to read my musings and banter, I figure I must be doing something right. 😉
    I feel I should (in hopefully brief form) introduce myself. (Not a man of wealth, but perhaps taste. Ok, bad joke. 😉 ) I am 36; a Chicago native currently living in Baltimore. The path I followed to get here has been long, and ripe with details I will spare you. However, it is notable to say that, like my blog's title, has been outside of what could be termed as the 'normal' human experience. I seek experiences like that. That is one of the reasons why I both am who I am and gravitate to what I do; including Aneros.
    I feel I should point out that I have suffered from depression and social anxieties for 21 years. Sometimes very rigorous and very lasting. I have only been attacking the roots of these problems, in a serious manner, since 2007. I mention this due to the impact a friend, and his introduction to the Aneros, is having on this particularly key point in my life. When one feels lasting peace, can smile a lasting (I know a secret that causes me great pleasure) smile after having endured a decade of pain…. well, that is noteworthy, and cause for tremendous rejoicing. (Of which, it may take me years to rejoice to balance against what came previous!)
    Now, I'm not saying that the Aneros is a key to unlocking depression and such. I'm not a medical practitioner, or professional on these matters. Experienced? Very. I just know that I now consider all of this very important factors in reclaiming the person I long for (me) and in helping to shape a life I am proud of.
    The irony is simply delicious that something inherently sexual and erotic would aid me in such a profound manner.
    When I look at our slice of the world, I see two dramatically different views about sexual matters. I see the hard religious/moral portion which implies that one must show consistent and constant restraint into a shunt of acceptable practice. (Never a more damaging code that I have seen. I always have believed one should work -with- what we have as human beings. I have discovered, and believe, that trying to squelch intense drives is horribly damaging.) and the other half. The one we see stoked, perpetually, by popular television, the media and as a marketing device. (sex, Sex, SEX!) as well as various forms of peer pressure. (Which can feed into both ends above.)
    I had intended to outline what experiences I have had, and 'catch up' to a pace that is more regular (if I stick to it, that is.). But I do believe I have run out of energy for that (possibly because of some of the aforementioned subject matter; and a pint+). I think I will do that with my next entry.
    Anyways, I tend to write long and tangent riddled posts, messages and emails as it is. Might be more digestible if I space it out. 🙂
    Anyways, thanks for reading.

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