• Intermediate Successes: 2019

    The beginning of last year is when things truly started happening. Also I got much better about making regular progress reports and dating them (all about the time everyone was having problems with the Aneros blogs).
    I hit a major milestone last night in that I finally achieved some feeling as well as autonomous motion out of the Aneros. It took probably an hour and a half or a bit longer, but I was able to get a few “involuntaries,” as the Aneros community refers to them: involuntary anal and/or PC muscle quivering that causes the Aneros to repeatedly tap the prostate by itself. They say that this can lead to it becoming a feedback loop and that I can just ride the wave to a Super-O and while I haven’t gotten there yet, I am starting to believe. Before this I was taking everything the Aneros Community said on faith and now I’m starting to see concrete results (I hope I can translate this attitude to my Christian life as well, that can be discouraging at times too, and perhaps to the area of physical fitness). Having had a few prostate orgasms I knew that I could identify when I was on the right path and by flexing certain muscle groups I could feel a pulsing starting which seemed to be following the rhythm/speed of my heartbeat. I’m a bit confused about what to do when I feel the involuntary pulsing, I tried just holding the muscles at a certain tension, and also tried to clench my PC muscle in time with the pulsing, though perhaps everything was a bit premature. No doubt I will learn more with practice. I did come to the exercise with little expectation, and my goal was to feel pleasure and certainly the involuntaries felt good. I started to feel warmer inside as well (fun aside: when washing the toy after taking it out of my anus I was surprised to notice that it was noticeably warmer than my regular body temperature). I was able to get involuntaries going probably five to six times and really the Aneros use had been originally intended as a preface to sitting on the Naughty Boy in the shower. I spent so much time on the Aneros that I barely had time for a shower before everyone got home, and ended up penetrating myself with the Lelo Hugo instead, which was fun to use but didn’t push me toward orgasm at all. I was surprised just how relaxed my anal sphincters had become while using the Aneros, and that might be a key to success as well; I’m taking note of it for further study. I was in a heightened state of arousal for my entire shower, but could feel it ebbing and knew I needed to put the Hugo away after my shower. I reinserted the Aneros and went to bed, waking up a couple of hours later, and only being able to generate very mild involuntaries this time around, decided to have an ejaculation with the Cobra Libre and call it a night. One of the things the Aneros community walkthrough recommends is not having an ejaculatory orgasm when having an Aneros session, which I am trying to discipline myself enough to ignore my penis for a while; I thought I might have done it tonight but decided the milestone gave an excuse for a celebration. Another thing I noticed upon waking up with the Aneros inside me was that my wrists which have been hurting for a week or so felt wonderful, no pain.
    I think that having an ejaculatory penile orgasm with the Aneros inserted feels strange in some way, like I can’t focus on my penis anymore, I’m always concentrating on the prostate even though it isn’t anywhere near ready for its own orgasm, and miss the sensations I could be experiencing in my penis. The penile orgasm of course, is over very quickly compared to the prostate orgasm. Even though I didn’t achieve a prostate orgasm this time, I was experiencing some pretty notable pleasure and this went on for the better part of an hour. Definitely time well-spent, and with perseverance I’m sure this research will pay off in the long run.
    It’s been a few days, and I tried again with the Aneros, had to wait until I was going to be alone for a few hours. I think that I’m getting some things down, but there are plenty of areas that need work. When first inserting the Aneros I could feel some muscle spasms in my anus, so I tried to ride those, which worked slightly, at least for a short time. I’m now wondering if I’m using too much lube, if the Shibari Lube Launcher is too much. After a couple hours I always feel the urge to purge and it’s always this diarrheic effluence first; though I suppose that too much is better than not enough! It took a good hour and a half before I was really getting the contractions. Perhaps I had too many distractions, like leaving the lights on and occasionally looking at the computer, mind too busy. I think I’m going to need to work on muscle control because every time the contractions really got going I was holding my sphincter muscles and I felt involuntary contractions, but it was hard to get the right intensity, either I’d let up on my clenching and they’d go away, or I’d eventually clench at maximum strength and that was too much to allow the involuntaries to take hold. It’s hard to separate anal sphincter from PC muscles right now, but I’m fairly confident that I can set off involuntaries if I clench my anal muscles, especially if my anus feels a slight burning sensation, then I know I’m on the right track clenching that. When my penis swelled with an erection I was a bit too aware of that and I think that I’ll need to focus harder on my prostate during that stage. I also need to get a breathing rhythm down first thing. There were numerous times that I caught myself holding my breath (still something I’m working in regular ejaculatory orgasms), and I think that also threw me off a bit. I need to be taking deep breaths from my diaphragm from the beginning, so I’m not running out of breath right when the involuntaries start. The most important thing I’ve learned (or confirmed) is that the first time wasn’t a fluke, involuntary muscle contractions are repeatable and it’s just a matter of time before I can cause them quickly. I finished off with an ejaculation, so I’m still working on holding off on that, and the only thing I can reiterate to myself is what everyone else is saying: don’t touch your penis. Still, I’d been at prostate play for 3 hours and it was obvious to me that while I’d had the beginning of involuntaries I wasn’t going to reach that Earth-shattering orgasm today. I’d still made progress and deserved a little celebration.
    I’ve been making more progress, happily. Today I was able to ride the involuntaries into something more I think, whether this is what the guides call “P-waves” or not I don’t know. I was definitely able to get some strong contractions, with involuntary muscle spasms, though I wouldn’t characterize anything I felt as “pleasurable.” I think part of that was that I tried yesterday as well and didn’t get too far, about 10min after I started John came home, then I tried for another 2 hours but didn’t make much progress. I was thankfully able to control myself and not ejaculate. I wasn’t thinking about it or I would have held off until today, but I had several hours to play today. In fact I had 3.5 hours before John and Sue got home, and I kept going for a total of 5+ hours. I even had to stop midway for a bowel movement. I think trying to remain quiet while people walked around over my head also had something to do with not achieving a true orgasm, and also I noticed again how much I clenched my muscles and stifled my breathing. The more I am aware of it the more I can improve, I’m sure. With the involuntaries today, the contractions started off very mild and I was able to encourage stronger ones pretty consistently over a space of 45min, to the point that I was getting some involuntary muscle contractions throughout my entire body. I even played with my penis for about 15min toward the end and in the beginning was able to use that to keep the prostate going, then as I continued the penile sensations took over. I definitely consider this a good milestone, though it took me over 4 hours to get to that place, and I hope it won’t be too long before I can get that time down drastically.
    I had another great experience with the Aneros last night. I found a place and position that helped me I think, lying on my stomach toward my right side. I was able to get some very mild involuntaries and it seemed like maybe the Aneros’ P-tab might have been slightly off-center to the right, but I was feeling some interesting sensations all over my body, sort of a tingling and actually felt pretty good. It first started coming out in waves from my prostate and then after a while it was starting in different places of my body, like little fireworks going off all over, from fingers and toes to everywhere else, instead of being focused on the prostate. I think I’ve been getting better at identifying when the P-tab is hitting what the tutorials call the “sweet spot,” and wondered if by adjusting the P-tab I would be able to feel even more sensation, but it ended up sabotaging what I had going. I tried a few different positions but it seems like for now I’ve hit a bit of a wall there that I need to break through: I can get some kind of mild involuntary contractions from my anal muscles etc, but nothing beyond that. I was able to get the P-tab and mindset back where it needed to be to experience the wonderful tingling all over but nothing else beyond that. I eventually got a bit frustrated and decided to have a traditional ejaculation, which for a while helped the involuntaries along until I was focused more on my penis than prostate. By the time I ejaculated I was moaning like I had when I experienced my own prostate orgasms, but it was over so quickly that not only did I not have time to savor the feelings, I’m not sure I felt anything at all.
    I will also say that everything is taking an incredibly long time: between 3 and 6 hours. Part of that I think is that I get somewhat bored and end up falling asleep after a while, then wake up more relaxed than I was when first inserting the Aneros. That time (January 8th) that I really started to get serious about Aneros use I had had a beer (I don’t drink much beer and one can usually make me a bit tipsy) plus a dram of Scotch and my anal sphincter muscles were seriously relaxed, more than any time since. I’ve been housesitting for a week now and have 2 weeks to go so for once privacy and timing is not an issue at all, only time management, still I haven’t been using any alcohol yet. I’ve experimented with using the Shibari lube launcher and this time I wasn’t using it; it’s usually just more of everything and I’m still on the fence about whether it actually helps or hinders. Perhaps once I get my sleep schedule back to where it should be it won’t be a problem, but so far the most convenient times for me to have a prostate massage have been in the afternoon around 3-4:00 when I usually feel a bit drowsy and need to push through to make it to late enough to get an uninterrupted 8 hours’ sleep.
    Last night I made it a goal to make something happen in a short time period and definitely succeeded there. It took me about 45 minutes and I was getting such powerful involuntary contractions, more powerful than any I’d experienced yet. I continued on for another hour before ejaculating. I feel like I have these little pieces of the puzzle, and it’s now just about learning how to put them together.
    Feeling that ID Glide was a bit to soupy and didn’t stick to the Helix well, I tried out Slippery Stuff Gel based on recommendations from the Aneros Forum. It definitely is more viscous and I can apply it to the Helix without worrying about losing most of it on the floor, but it has other problems. I initially tried without the Lube Launcher and didn’t seem to get enough inside my anus, the result being that it dried out and caused some discomfort, especially after using a few times in a row my anus became sore. It’s also possible that there’s something that my body is reacting to, but the jury’s still out on that; it’s supposed to be much healthier, at least for women’s bodies. I recently tried with the Lube Launcher but I think I am using way too much: the problem has always been that the lube will leak out and coat just everything down there, and one of the things mentioned in the Aneros Walkthrough is that the perineum should be kept dry to keep the P-tab from slipping. I have found this easier said than done, and will wipe that area (and the P-tab on the toy) several times a session, but that tends to break the mood, and ultimately has been unproductive. I used ID glide last night to the same effect and might try just a very tiny amount in the Lube Launcher tonight as an experiment.
    I keep thinking about that time back in the beginning of the year when I was finally hit that major milestone with the Aneros. My anus has never been as loose again as it was that day and I don’t know how to replicate it, I don’t know if it was a byproduct of the prostate massage itself or what, but I didn’t know how loose my sphincter muscles were and had to perform a bit of cleanup afterward. Since then when pulling the Aneros out my anus is always much tighter and I wonder what kind of effect that has on my sessions as well. As well, I feel like I’ve never got the Aneros to get to quite the right motion as it had got that day, whether because I clamp down too hard or because the P-tab keeps sliding. Also I’m really looking seriously at the Helix Syn Trident that was just released a few months back, due to its increased instability and movement it’s supposed to be 3 times more effective at getting men to the Super-O. I don’t have $70 to spend on it at the moment.
    Actually I do, it’ll be here in a few days. Important note: pay attention to the little anal twitches. These will grow stronger, just don’t clamp hard and think about your prostate.
    Whether it’s the new design or just the novelty of it, the Helix Syn Trident definitely gave me some good results. I wore it all night and definitely made progress though I don’t think I got to the Super-O, not like the prostate orgasms I got from the Naughty Boy. I was able to get past my own clamping down (in fact I think my anal sphincter got quite loose there) and when relaxed enough I can feel the Aneros moving inside me. I had some interesting sensations including a clamping of the PC muscle (while not clamping the anus) that definitely felt different, though I didn’t feel that I was warming up inside and it didn’t push me over into Super-O territory. There were a few times when I resituated my body and that gave me a few muscle spasms, though not full-body yet like with the Naughty Boy. Besides that I had a great time and I think that particular experience must have lasted about 2 hours before I got myself back to sleep.
    I’m still trying to find the right amount of lubricant though what has worked best so far has been a small amount inside my rectum with the Lube Launcher and just a dollop on the head of the Aneros to ease entry. I’ve been reading advice from the forum and they suggested liquid lubricant in the rectum and gel on the toy, so all those lubes from Sliquid (and the official Aneros lubricant) will have new life after I’ve used up the rest of the ID Glide. The silicone on the Trident is different from the old one, I’m not sure just how to describe it but it’s dryer in a way, which gives it a more velvety touch, and seems to dry off quicker. It also would seem to smell better after it’s been in my ass, if it’s indicative after just one day, I wash it off and get the slight aroma of baker’s chocolate, definitely better than the smell the other one occasionally gets!
    Another milestone that should be mentioned: I think I am successfully rewiring my brain as I can hold off from finishing an Aneros session by masturbating traditionally. I can go three or more sessions without ejaculating and also I no longer feel frustrated at the end of an Aneros session. The fact that I can leave the Aneros in all night with no harmful effects has given me patience because it is definitely taking me longer than what I think the average is. Although stroking my penis does feel good, I am happy to hold off on ejaculating because I know the orgasms I will get from prostate stimulation will eclipse traditional masturbation.
    A Mini-O? Or maybe just the onset of something. It took an hour to set up and Sue came home before I got there so that changed the dynamic a bit. Definitely felt the buildup of pressure in my prostate but I need to distinguish between clamping and helpful contractions.
    I’m in a bit of a housing crisis so I don’t have space or privacy to work with the Aneros a lot of the time, but after reading a few more Aneros forum posts I’ve started inserting ID Glide with the Lube Launcher and adding Slippery Stuff to the head of the Helix, though not coating the whole thing as so much gets squeezed out on insertion anyway. Without the Aneros sessions I have been working on breathing and relaxation techniques and can often very quickly get to that anal twitching that I think is the onset of involuntaries. It will be my ongoing goal to work on not clamping down when the involuntaries start, and I will try to get these anal twitches to start before I insert the Aneros.
    Perhaps a Mini-O, the anal twitching was regular and fast, and I could feel the blood pumping all over inside me, but especially a buildup with my prostate. No warmth. In fact it felt almost cold, or a bit numb in my anal canal. Two days later I was not able to get to that level of excitement but felt incredibly warm, to the point where I was starting to sweat. I’ve noticed in the last few days that it’s more common for me to have erections, and they seem to be lasting a bit longer as well.
    As I’m between apartments for a while, I have been unable to use my Aneros, so have been practicing kegels and arousal techniques involving breathing and relaxation, as well as trying out some binaural beats and guided hypnosis as well. I hadn’t had much effect from either, but perhaps all the reading I’ve been doing on the Aneros forum has sunk in to some degree, and today was a tipping point. All that talk about chakras and energy! I’m not sure when I last ejaculated, over two weeks ago I think, and that might have helped. I woke up this morning and I felt what I suppose could be described as “energy” pulsating around the area of my prostate; I got an erection almost immediately upon noticing it. Sometimes it would flow down to my feet, and I practiced willing it back up to concentrate in my prostate. If I try to describe the sensation, I would say that it’s a tingling in a concentrated area that makes me much more conscious of that area, and I can feel the blood pumping through very clearly. It starts with just a hint of sore throbbing behind my abdomen. This morning I spent about an hour and a half just seeing if I could direct the energy to different places, and managed to get it up to my head on occasion, sometimes the energy would spread out over my entire body and occasionally dissipate, but if I concentrated on my prostate I could build it back up again. Then I brought out the binaural and hypno tracks to give that a try, experimenting a bit with some masturbation as well, and did get some good pulsing in my prostate, but not enough to orgasm; I suppose I was being too conscious about it. It’s an interesting turn to take though, and some of the feelings I was getting were a bit familiar to me when I had my last prostate orgasm (that was nearly a year and a half ago with the Rocks-off Naughty Boy). It’s encouraging that even though I’m not in a place that I can use the Aneros, I can still make progress.
    Some intense anal quivering before I fell asleep. Too tired to take it further.
    I’ve had my first Aneros sessions after about a month and a half off. The first one as soon as I inserted the Aneros my anus started quivering and really I should have just let it do its thing but I wasn’t ready yet, had to get comfortable, wipe off my perineum and the P-tab, and by that time the quivering had subsided. It took a bit of time to get back to some good feeling but when I get there, it’s mostly a bit of concentrating on really relaxing my anal sphincter and PC muscles. I listen to Kelly Howell’s Ecstasy CD, which does wonders (I’ve been close to orgasm just going Aless with that CD). The problem is that I can feel the energy welling up but that isn’t connected to any anal quivering, so it’s like two very different kinds of stimulation. The last few days I’ve tried just using the ID Glide which I hoped would help me to go longer (it does, but the difference in Silicone between the Helix Syn and Helix Syn Trident means that the Trident dries out quicker), and also I stopped wiping my perineum. I can’t tell that there’s a whole lot of difference as the P-tab doesn’t usually grab me until later on; I don’t feel now like the P-tab slides up and down my perineum as I thought might have been happening earlier. I should have refrained from ejaculating, but so far I haven’t, and I used the Aneros three days in a row, so I wasn’t expecting much, still there were some good sensations occasionally, and even though I budgeted only an hour and a half I would keep going because I was having too much fun. Most importantly, I have not been ending sessions with a feeling of frustration. Next is go back on semen retention (I ejaculated today after a couple of days). Also, I have bought a few more books that should help me on my journey: The Multi-orgasmic Man, How to Make Love All Night, ESO, and Urban Tantra, plus the Kelly Howell CDs, and next am going to try wearing a jockstrap with cup to see if that will help me ignore my penis when I become erect. Edit: the jockstrap hasn’t made much difference.
    I think I reached another milestone today, I don’t know if I had a dry orgasm or close to one but I definitely went further than I ever have before. I had ejaculated this morning so I wasn’t expecting too much. I had about an hour or so with the Helix Syn Trident just using ID Glide (it was kind of hot so the lube was a bit thin). I got some good involuntaries but I ended up having an accident and making a mess on my sleeping bag. I almost called it quits for the day but I decided that with half an hour left I might as well give it another go so I lubed the HST back up with some Slippery Stuff and put my boxers back on, zipped up my sleeping bag and laid on top of it. It took a couple of tries to find a good position, and it did come like waves; sometimes I lost the sensation but I don’t know if it was because I was clenching or not. I did try to consciously unclench my anus and finally got to a place where it became natural, also I was trying really hard to do circle breathing (the way that Barbara Carellas has described it) and that definitely helped too. I got to the place where I could feel blood pumping all over my body (or energy?) and eventually a lot of it came to my head and for a few seconds I had kind of a bad headache; I don’t know if my tongue touching the roof of my mouth helped there or not but eventually it started going all the way around my body (I think) very quickly like Mantak Chia describes, but I don’t feel like I really had an orgasm that way. There were a couple times where I had to consciously had to unclench my anus and generate involuntaries again, and I experimented with different PC muscle pumps too, the problem being that the anal clench is more of a ratchet than a squeeze-and-release. Besides that, there seems to be a slight hold on the anus that will help involuntaries increase in intensity, it’s just hard to find the right spot. A few good clenches did help get the involuntaries restarted if they fizzled out anytime. I definitely felt more aroused and felt like I was close to an orgasm but that I also didn’t quite get there. I was having quite a lot of fun though, and even missed my alarm and was very nearly late for work. I even tried traditional masturbation for a few seconds and that felt great, but I decided not to ejaculate just because I needed to get to work for a tour. For a few hours afterward I felt a few of the things that were mentioned in the Aneros wiki as far as sensations I would feel as part of the rewiring process. I’m happy to feel some of them again!
    I knew from reading that the session after a really good one is usually anticlimactic and it was the same here. I’m moved into a new place temporarily where I do occasionally have a day or two to myself and I’ve tried some Aneros sessions there, but no fireworks yet. I still need to get around to charging all my sex toys. Even after a “dud” Aneros session, I was getting some good sensations out of using the Lelo Hugo, though by itself it didn’t do anything. If I add the Cobra Libre to it I think I will be able to get right to the brink of orgasm, but the hard part will be pulling the Cobra Libre off and letting the prostate orgasm happen instead of falling over into ejaculation. I sit on a pillow and lean back against the wall, that seems to be a good position. The last time the Hugo ran out of batteries so I just decided to ejaculate; on average though I’m retaining semen a lot more consistently than before.
    Even though I was pretty close to a prostate orgasm, the Lelo Hugo didn’t push me over the edge. It’s also possible that I didn’t give myself enough time but I needed to get up and go to work. This time, I decided to pull out the older Helix Syn and I’m pretty sure the P-tab on that one is slightly longer, which does indeed help the toy stay in the right place and the added pressure on my perineum is stimulating. Sometimes the HS Trident doesn’t even make contact with my body. I was able to get some good movement with the older Helix Syn this time and I think perhaps I should switch back to that model for a while and give the Trident a rest. This time I just lubed up my rectum with ID Glide using just my finger and then added a lot of Slippery Stuff Gel to the Aneros itself. The only thing that held me up in the end was that I had to poop again, and that I needed to get to work. It is also possible that I get better results in the morning.
    I am also experiencing some very strong involuntary contractions that come suddenly and leave suddenly too. They don’t seem to necessarily be in the same rhythm as the regular involuntaries and are more distracting than anything else, at least right now.
    Last night I had a longer session, probably around 5hrs or so. It wasn’t a complete dud, but it didn’t go anywhere exciting. I started out with the HS and then switched to the HST. I didn’t do much pre-lubrication, just a bit of ID Glide on my finger and then Slippery Stuff on the toys. I was basically looking up hentai the entire time and not focusing too much on generating involuntaries; after a few failed attempts I decided to call it a night. I ended the session by using the Lelo Hugo and Cobra Libre and while I think I got close to a prostate orgasm I still need to learn at what point to take stimulation off my penis. In fact I might have had a “ruined orgasm” as it’s known, but it’s hard to say. I have my doubts whether or not the Hugo is helping or hindering me on this journey. My ass was pretty lubed and I just went to bed like that, deciding to shower in the morning (it’s also possible that my new boxer briefs are adding more sensation for me and that that is helping out). After sleeping for only about two hours I woke up and could feel energy everywhere, a lot of it in my prostate but flowing throughout my body. I’m wondering if I really just don’t get relaxed enough before I start and should work on a better routine for the future. The two hours of sleep certainly did wonders and I experimented for a little bit with moving the energy: extremely easy with the with the window open on a cold night, all I had to do was stick an extremity outside the covers and all my attention was drawn there. I considered having another Aneros session but decided that for the sake of work in the morning and the need for sleep it was better to just ejaculate and get back to sleep. There was still a bunch of energy swirling around and I did what I could to get it to my stomach. I awoke and could still feel the energy though it eventually subsided.
    Today I decided to have another session but with no goals, just to see what would happen. I feel like with the energy my body was telling me that it wanted the Aneros and I knew I was getting my new MGX Syn Trident shipped from Aneros today. Unfortunately they mistakenly sent me another copy of the Helix instead which is extremely frustrating and that had a lot to do with my decision too (and to think I paid extra for 3-day shipping). So I pulled out the Helix Syn one more and this time used ID Glide on both my finger and the toy. I spent about 45min catching up on internet stuff first but I could feel my anus contracting slightly; up until then I might have skipped the session but I could tell my body was asking for it. I didn’t even want to concentrate on generating involuntaries, in fact I decided to just take a nap and see where I felt when I woke up, but my body pretty quickly responded to the Helix Syn and I was getting some incredibly good contractions several times. They were harder and faster than they have been in a while and I could feel warmth from the inside. The energy was absent however, and it seems like I get to a kind of plateau and don’t know where to go from there. The contractions move so fast that I can’t tell if they’re coming one on top of the other or if the toy has stopped moving altogether. After about 90min I called a halt, partly because I think I had to defecate again. I considered switching to the HST but decided to give my body a rest; perhaps I’ll try again in the morning but that will be the last hurrah until next weekend and there might be too much pressure on the session. Hopefully I will have the MGX Syn Trident by then.
    Actually the session went very well and I was able to generate some real feeling from it, and I think warmth. It took over three hours and I really need to get my time management down. I feel like if I can’t get anything done in 90min then I shouldn’t do it at all, because I missed church and the whole point of taking Sunday mornings off was to get to church.
    I had another great session yesterday, with a limited time to play; 30min by the time I was ready, though I eventually took 45 and barely got to work on time. Just ID Glide on my finger and Slippery Stuff on the toy. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing but tried to take some of the lessons I’d learned from talking online and I felt some great sensations. If I work on clearing my mind and try to drift off to sleep things go better! There’s a point where I feel like I’m almost melting into the bed and that can be where I feel some real pleasurable sensations. All the energy was in my hands, for some reason and I’m not practiced enough to move it back to my prostate yet. I got a bit of that old hand clenching. If I had more time I probably could have felt more but I’m happy with the progress and pleased that I could make something happen in such a short amount of time. They say it’s better to end a session before getting to the place of frustration and I definitely need to get to the place where I can stop without letting my sessions run to the last minute, or to where the lube dries out or I need to defecate.
    Another great session this morning with real progress made. I just got the Hypnaerosession CD recently and decided to listen to the first CD (which is more guided and I don’t use it a lot). I’m not entirely sure, but I might have had a mini-O. Everything was going as before, though I started laying on my stomach with my penis towards my belly button instead of toward my toes. I felt pretty relaxed but there was one muscle that I could feel keep getting tighter and tighter as I went on, and I noticed this but decided that because it felt so good it didn’t matter. I think that actually I was feeling sensations in my prostate and it’s been so long since I felt this way that I’d forgotten. It wasn’t necessarily very powerful, but definitely felt different and I was moaning uncontrollably for several seconds there. I tried to recapture that again but could never get there after that: I think my mind took over again. I followed Alana’s directions on the CD pretty closely but couldn’t stay in the moment after the mini-O. Lube was what has become standard for me now: ID Glide on the finger to pre-lubricate the rectum, then Slippery Stuff on the Aneros HST. I have the MGX Syn Trident now as well but haven’t enjoyed that one as much yet.
    A few good sessions following the guided Hypnaerosession (this time lying on my back), and the point where I squeeze the toy very hard with my sphincter muscles while playing with my nipples felt amazing. It only lasted for a second or so but it felt good enough and powerful enough to need to moan at the top of my voice. During the last session I had drank a whole mug of tea right before and had to urinate several times over 90min, so I think I really wasn’t in the correct place mentally or physically for that session. I waited until later that night but did eventually decide to ejaculate. Also Saturday (the 28th) on the second time listening to Victoria Gallagher’s Male Multiple Orgasm hypnosis CD I actually did get hypnotized which I wasn’t expecting, but I drifted off and awakened right as she counted to Five at the end of the program. I bought several hypnosis CDs and hopefully they will help. I haven’t been able to drift off that deeply since, but my roommate has been home and I’m sure I’m holding back a bit because of that.
    An abbreviated session without the Hypnaerosession or any other audio (or visual) stimuli. My roommate left for a while and I had just 30min to get everything done before I had to leave for work. I was able to get some good involuntaries and sensation in the prostate just using what I remember from the CD, just not enough to get to the place of ecstasy and moaning before I had to go to work.
    I had something going on like diarrhea and because of that my inner anal sphincter got increasingly tighter. Friday I’d been going crazy because I hadn’t had a session since Tuesday and hadn’t ejaculated in at least a week by then, so I was super aroused and I think that when that happens I don’t need the slow buildup of Hypnaerosession CD 1, I was rearing to go long before that. I had a session Friday afternoon and then waited a few hours and tried again, switching from the HST to the HS and that ended up being a great session. By this time I could tell something wasn’t digesting correctly but I was able to have another good session. On Saturday I had to work but only in the morning and I was thinking I should take the night off and let my body rest but I couldn’t stay away. I don’t remember making much progress, and eventually tried the Lelo Hugo again but that was not productive and ended up ejaculating as well. I did learn that I didn’t have to go to work on Sunday so I thought I’d probably have more time after church the next day. I even considered waking up early for a session right before going to church but as it happened I woke up around 4 so decided to have a session right then and then go back to sleep, again with the HS. After church I had another session (abbreviated) but it was interrupted by my alarm; as it turned out my roommate didn’t get back for much longer than I’d thought and I could have kept going but as it was I didn’t make much progress. For many of the sessions over the weekend I would pull out the Aneros and it was almost dry and hard/uncomfortable to pull out, with my inner anal sphincter feeling very tight.
    Short session, roommate went into town on short notice so I wasn’t aroused at the time but I tried anyway, got some good involuntaries but and was able to keep it going for a while, even drifted off into a lower mind state, but didn’t get to the moaning stage and still had a problem for a long time trying go get rid of my mind noise. Felt the prostate a little bit, but that was all. The anal sphincters seem to be feeling better, and I think I’m digesting properly again. I’ve decided it would be helpful to start eating more fiber.
    The last few weeks I’ve noticed that involuntaries start almost immediately as soon as I relax my anal/PC muscles enough (makes it hard to listen to the first part of the Hypnaerosession CD1, it’s such a slow buildup). But the milestone I hit today was even more important. I think I finally got to a prostate orgasm, and in fact recurring/multiple/sequential orgasms that lasted for more than an hour. Very weak, but still…It was almost like a barrier I had to break through to get there, and I knew I was in a different spot when the contractions became really self-perpetuating and I felt myself clenching again; then I had to concentrate on relaxing again. I had ejaculated two days earlier so I would call my arousal level pretty low and I’m sure that had something to do with the strength of the orgasms. There was definitely a bit of a buildup and I could feel the heat radiating from inside, almost made me sweat, and felt my prostate pretty easily. I tried different positions either on my back or stomach/right/left sides, I think it was about the third orgasm that felt the most intense and then they gradually tapered off over time, also my roommate came home so that put a damper on things. It took the entirety of CD2 of the Hypnaerosession before I got to this place, was listening simultaneously to CD3 of Hypnaerosession and Xfeefee’s Orgasmic Ambient Experiment. I had almost given up by this point but decided to soldier on and I’m glad that I did. Sometimes I was hard and sometimes not. No particular position was best, but I probably should have picked one per orgasm. They were about 10-15mins apart from each other, and I took things I learned from “Alana” regarding squeezing my outer anal sphincter; that really helped ramp up the involuntaries.
    The last two weeks or so I’ve been experiencing some real pleasure in my sessions and can feel pressure building up in my prostate. In each session it feels different (no sweating for instance) but still good; the main thing is that I think my prostate is in the process of being awakened.
    Another great session today with at least one mini-O! I had a session yesterday that was rushed and I wasn’t really ready for it, plus I ejaculated at the end of it so I really wasn’t expecting much today and maybe that helped; I could tell my prostate wanted more. Deciding to experiment a bit I used the MGXST which I still haven’t used much, and listened to CD1 of Hypnaerosession and I could definitely feel things happening inside me. Because of the way the MGX is designed I just tried to relax my muscles as much as I could (the ultimate “do nothing” approach), especially where my (penis) PC muscles were concerned, and that allowed me to really feel some sensation in my prostate. I listened to Alana’s breathing commands and even before we got to the contractile phase of the CD it had happened. I lay on my back and I think that nipple stimulation definitely helped a lot. After that I just tried to make it happen as many times as possible and while none of the other times was nearly as intense as the first, I think it was good for me to be able to determine exactly what the markers are here. Also my body was surging with energy, tended to well up in my feet, but I was able to move it to my head and then circulate it back down to my prostate, at least a bit quicker and more efficiently than previously.
    After listening to the entirety of CD1, I decided to take out the MGX, relube, and insert the Helix. One thing that I noticed was that the inside of my rectum felt different, like it was toned: this is probably what it should be like (I’m unsure but I may have had hemorrhoids, this seems to have cleared them up). I also noticed that I even had secreted a small amount of pre-ejaculate which is something that I almost never do, during Anerossessions or in traditional masturbation. Again once things get going I feel like I get more sensation if I concentrate as much as possible on relaxing my inner anal sphincter, as this brought more sensation to my prostate—that and keeping my PC muscle totally relaxed. For the first time ever, laying on my back was more effective than my side/stomach. After CD2 I listened to Victoria Gallagher’s Male Multiple Orgasm Hypnosis CD and got close to another mini-O during that, then for about half an hour afterward I tried to keep it going just a little bit longer. Altogether I think this session lasted about 4 hours. I didn’t get frustrated and felt no burning need to ejaculate and while I think my prostate will need to rest and recharge, I feel energized and awake.
    A day later, my jaw muscles are still sore. I must have been clenching them extremely hard!
    I’m still working on keeping my jaw loose and relaxed, it’s an ongoing process.
    I’ve been in a plateau phase that has been extremely pleasurable. I’ve mentioned mini-Os before and now I question whether I’ve even got that far yet! From everything that I’ve read I think I’m now experiencing P-waves quite frequently. It seems to get to that stage but I can’t necessarily get past that, and the thing is I’m having so much fun it almost doesn’t matter. I feel like everything up to this I haven’t really felt anything and now I’m just scratching the surface of sensation. As far as combating frustration goes, the best way seems to be keeping the sessions shorter, unless I’m feeling something incredible. The last few sessions I’ve ended with ejaculations (out of frustration, I think), the previous one being two days ago, and again I wasn’t expecting too much again today but I ended up having the most intense P-waves I’ve felt to date, I feel energized and my prostate is buzzing happily long after. I also felt some rhythmic contractions in my prostate as if an orgasm was building.
    One of the things that I’m happy I found at a good price is a copy of Jack Johnston’s KSMO seminar (older 3rd edition, and on cassette tape no less), I talked the seller down to $40 shipped, much easier to swallow than the $200 currently being asked for the downloads online. As recommended on the Aneros forum I’ve been doing KSMO practice on one day and an Aneros session on a different day, this past week. Only two KSMO sessions so far and I feel like I was better able to articulate on the first session, but it’s all about training my body to relax and feel the sound deeper in my stomach and body cavity. And I have to remember to push the sound to keep it down there as the higher-pitched second half tends to go up into my throat if I’m not paying close enough attention.
    Today I listened to CD1 of Hypnaerosession, and that seems to be my main deal so over the past two weeks. It’s funny how I’ll go through stages where it does nothing for me and stages where that’s all I want to listen to. I do think it could use an update, it just takes so long to get to the really good stuff (the better part of an hour) and so much of it seems to be geared to beginners. The breathing commands and later on for squeezing and releasing the anal muscles seem to be the meat of the listening experience, I’m just not sure about everything in the middle. For most of the CD my prostate felt aching rather than pleasurable so I didn’t know what to expect and even as the clench/release commands finally came around it took a bit to get going but once it did the P-waves felt amazing. I got taken out of the moment slightly several times and as soon as CD1 was over I noticed that the P-tab of my Helix Syn Trident was extremely wet and slippery so I was getting a massage more on the outside than the inside. I paused to dry everything off and listened to CD4 for about half an hour, getting another good P-wave at one point, but really by that time the magic was over. It came at a good time actually because that’s just about the time that my roommate came back. Also for the last half hour I really felt the need to urinate and that distracted me as well. Total time was around 1hr 45min and only because I tried to recapture it all again after the moment was done. No ejaculation, obviously, thankfully, and hopefully I will be able to make this a good habit going forward.
    I feel like I made some breakthroughs in church regarding my attitude toward KSMO and the Aneros, and I feel like when Chris talks about not agreeing with the enemy, what I’m hearing is not only the things regarding my own self-worth but also some fears I’ve had concerning prostate massage, etc. I think it’s all the lies of the enemy and I’m much more free of doubt. Perhaps that helped me have such a great session today as well.
    Great session yesterday, lots of P-waves, and also a lot of warmth inside. I feel like I got almost to the cusp of something but not quite there, still making progress. HST warmed, pre-shower as well as wee dram of Scotch (not usual these days), listened to Hypnaerosession CD1&2 so session lasted about 2.5hrs. Eventually I accepted that I wasn’t going to get further than P-waves so I ended with an ejaculation and it felt better than usual, but still quite short.

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      Super good accounts. Small detail question: You say your wrists stopped hurting. That is interesting.

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