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    Yesterday was a very intense day. My first dry orgasm for ages, a state of ecstacy during the day and almost a full Kundalini experience out of nowhere.
    Then it went quiet. I felt very stressed as if all my progress over the last week was for nothing. My children were misbehaving, one developed a fever. I tried for another orgasm last night but couldn't relax into it. My wife was very stressed and I could feel it and that didn't help, disappointment set in again.
    I couldn't sleep and now I'm tired at the start of a 60 hour work week.
    Yesterday I was flying and progressing, now I'm grounded but not in a spiritual sense. Time to relax and see what happens it's probably all for a purpose.
    — I was in a meeting at work at lunchtime when I suddenly felt very dizzy indeed and very 'zoned out', and my eyesight went strange as if nothing was really there but I could see perfectly well if I concentrated. I'm a medical doctor and this didn't feel like anything I could put a name to, although I was thinking this is what having a stroke must feel like and at least if I collapse I am surrounded by doctors. After about 5 minutes I suddenly felt a distinct 'click' in my head, and it all started to resolve although I had a slightly odd sensation of almost being outside myself over the next 20 minutes. Never any pain, no neurological symptoms during or after. It actually wasn't very pleasant.
    I'm aware that I am trying to interpret this in the light of what I believe is happening to me and when lots of weird things are happening another weird thing is unlikely to be anything ordinary.
    I wish I was writing here about my next mind blowing orgasm. I could desperately do with one now but I never get any time to myself until my wife has gone to sleep. Not sure if it's the best time to do anything as I feel like it has to happen quickly, and I'm just tired.

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      06/09/2015at10:16 am

      The journey is an mystical one Smudge. I am not a Doc but I have rudimentary knowledge of human biology. I find the changes in me related to anal – prostate enervation to be amazing and never ending. I do A less almost every night and Aneros once per week: have been doing this for almost 9 years now. Yet despite that lengthy amount of time in the saddle I still discover new techniques and have new experiences almost every time. The breadth of physical impact for me has been huge and there have been particularly interesting psychological impacts as well.

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