• Increasing sensations

    Since my last blog on the 17 I have had a number of sessions with the eupho. The little bugger has got better but still wont blow me away like it did back when I first got it.
    I did sleep with it once and had a dream of being in a classroom at high school naked with the aneros in me on a table and the whole class studying the effects of it on me! They started asking question but all that came out of my mouth when answering was moans and screams. )end of dream(
    Anyway I was getting Hungry for a good session with the aneros so the last two sessions have been using the helix again.
    Much better.
    yesterday I tried an experiment with the post about male squirting. I failed badly I am too sensitive after wet ejaculation. )see the forum for more detail(
    I rested over night and today lying in bed ethe anerosless sessions just kept going on all morning.
    I am in bed 24/7 at the moment because of a foot injury.
    At 12 pm the hunger just got too much and I inserted the helix. I did not clean out like normal first as I knew I was empty.
    This was good because my rear was as relaxed as possible.
    The result was awesome. My session was the best I have had although I did not have as many dro Os as in other session the ones I did have were strong and the aneros movement feelings were much more intense than before.
    I think )hope( my body has made a break through.
    If it remembers.
    My muscles worked out not just to twitch the aneros but to twitch and roll at the same time.
    The twitch became more of a circular motion than a twitch even though it was a bit jointed at times.
    This intensified the feelings and together with nipple stimulation had me writhing in the bed and moaning for at least an hour and a bit.
    It was so intense that it wore me out and I went to sleep for about a hour in the middle of the day.
    Not bad for someone that cant sleep during the day.
    I had writhing and hip thrusting and the aneros would occasional slam in real hard which would send pleasure straight into my prostate. The moaning turned me on more too.
    These are great new developments for me and hope they continue.
    I feel the helix is larger and gives my anal canal more stimulation at the moment and I just cant wait till I can buy a progasm. I think this will intensify things more but will have to wait until the ICE comes on sale again. Meanwhile the helix is advancing me slowly and I intend to sleep with eupho sometimes because I like having the dreams even if they are weird.
    I used to have a vivid imagination uptil about 4 years ago when I started taking anti depression drugs. I have been off them for just over a year now but dreams and my imagination are very rare now days.
    This does not help with arousal in aneros sessions as I can not picture anything in my head to help the session, all I see is static.
    The internet helps a little but I guess I have seen so much porn in my life that it is hard to get excited about it now days.
    I find it more arousing to see women in bikinis rather than nude or sex pictures.
    Oh well cant decide weather to sleep with eupho tonight or not. Maybe I should have a rest. Problem is my rear is telling me different…….

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