• In a Haze

    It's been a while since I've blogged. I actually wrote a blog a week or two ago, but my Internet connection cut out and I lost the draft. I just didn't feel like rewriting it.
    There haven't been any real big developments lately. Once in a while I still have a super-O or two, but sessions can be fine for me without them. I'm trying to dig deeper into different aspects of the experience. Specifically I'm trying to see if there's more to this haze I feel in my head when I have any type of Aneros inside or partially inside me. I can have a Peridise halfway in and already feel something starting in my head. The prostate isn't even being touched at this point.
    It's a little like I have a head cold where my ears and equilibrium are affected. I'm not dizzy, but it sort of feels similar. I've tried getting lost in the sensation, but I don't seem to get too far. I can sort of separate myself from what is going on at the prostate, etc. The p-waves may come on their own or not, but I'm less actively part of the equation.
    The biggest success I've had is using my mental focus when I'm beginning or in the middle of an orgasm. Focusing on the pleasure has really amplified it on a few occasions. Yesterday evening was probably the most intense sensation I've had during a super-O. Normally the duration of the pleasure is what makes a super-O so intense. Last night was probably the closest to having the sensation of a traditional orgasm during a super-O.
    I wish I could just belt out the vocalizations when I experience the high points during my sessions. I live in a townhouse side by side with others and I'm pretty self-conscious about noise. Vocalizations are almost always part of my sessions, but I limit myself in volume. Sometimes I feel the urge to vocalize even before I feel the distinct sensation of an orgasm coming on. The vocalization seems to bring about the sensations, as if my subconscious knew what to do before I did. I'm going to have to find some way to experiment eventually with vocalizing more loudly to see what that does for me if anything.
    One curious thing that happened today was that I felt my first mini-O while I was at work. I didn't dare let it go further as I was in an office environment, but no one else was positioned in a way to notice if I was expressing anything in my body language or from facial expressions. There were only a couple people in the area at the time anyway.
    Today at work I felt pleasure directly from the anus just sitting at my desk. Actually I had a BM early in the afternoon and started feeling a little sensation just afterwards. That's how it started and it slowly progressed to a more general feeling of pleasure across my body after being back in the office for a little while. It was nothing overwhelming since I had the presence of mind to control the situation considering where I was. There were p-waves too, but it started lower than that. I think being in a more relaxed state at the time helped open the door.
    My anus has been awakened much more than I would have expected. People talk about awakening the prostate and that's part of what I've experienced, but my anus is a gateway to my prostate in more ways than one. I almost always use a Peridise as a lead-in to the Helix or occasionally the Progasm Ice I recently purchased. As I mentioned, I get that haze in my head from having anything in me, but I also start to feel a little pleasure in my anus. The Peridise is a good way to increase my arousal without much effort. It makes the Helix more effective.

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