• I’m struck – they made it! Blog section is back and workin’? Really? Don’t dare to believe it! Congrats, Folks!

    Hey, you find me speechless, just writing a comment on the forum, I wanted to test whether this forum isn’t still working, BUT IT IS WORKING! Hallelujah!
    Well, after a fantastic lazy morning in bed, practicing the Clench & Hold breathing technique from “Urban Tantra” by Barbara Carrellas, one of the books that made my journey, I’ve already been soaked in precum and had some wonderful dry orgasms later. Then I continued my tease and denial weekend – ooh, sudden blue balls feeling here – edging from time to time until one to three drops of white seminal fluid appear on my piss slit, then stopping any teasing, washing my member and having breakfeast or doing some clean up. On Saturday I have had five ruined orgasms of that kind and today already three, by rights six, because during the last one quite dangerous edging session I made it to three ruined orgasms forming a series.
    My horniness seems to be out of earth and my balls feel filled to the brim, heavy from their big load and sometimes ache a bit, but my extreme arousal is worth every little pain, that like just now increases my horniness even more.
    As posted lateley, bro’s, keep on this side of the edge, stay horny at home and take care!
    Congrats to the staff again, finally we have our blog section back, thanks a ton!

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