• I'm pissed

    I'm mad. I have no self will when it comes to a beautiful orgasm. I suppose to be off from having wet orgasms and jerking off and riding but crazy me with no self will couldn't handle the throbbing from my young hard dick.
    After work I was so tired. I took me a nice shower and got on line. It was still early so I decided to see if anyone was in the chat. Some of my old and new buddies were there so were al shooting the breeze and I had to leave to prepare dinner. Later that night I got a instant boner. Since I was on another break of jerking and have a wet orgasm I decided to just read some good erotic stories.
    Well the erotic stories transfered into me getting fully naked with a oiled up hard dick in my hand watching my favorite porn. Since Aneros I have become a great edger. I can edge for hours. But the down fall of that is i erupt by accident because of to much pressure and pleasure. So I'm flicking through porn vids and contracting my hole with nothing in and it jacking very hard and long. As soon as I was about to stop my dick just erupted with sticky creamy juices all over my stomach and bed. It felt amazing but I was on a now wet orgasm break and I already had three days under my belt.
    I felt so good though. Curse this drive to jerk off and cum lol. So those three days were waisted so now I have to start all over a gain. So to not even tempt myself I will not touh myself. I will still not ride my Helix or Progasm. I will not read or watch porn. I will only frequent the site to check up on my riding buddies. I will see how I can last this time. But I really think that with my prostate being awakened all this extra sexual build up is finally coming out and I'm still trying to grasp it all.

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