• I'm held in his Vice

    Yes, I have seven Aneros toys now. Can't get too much of a good thing people say and the Vice proves that for sure. I limited my trial run to 20 minutes because he is soooo intense. I've already decided this is a special occasion friend when I want that extra sweet touch.
    I prepared by cleaning out and laying all the necessary lubrication nearby. I let myself relax to a point of being near sleep but, still awake enough to lube myself and him. I inserted slower than my other aneros' due to Vice's girth. He slipped in fine and I relaxed more concentrating on breathing and relaxing. Then I slowly and gently began to contract, oh Vice moves differently, sweetly too, even without his battery powered insert.
    More slow steady breathing and contractions, now I add skimming over my body hair above my chest, my my thighs, I skim my nipples )pinch and twist them too(. Then I reach around and press the button and he begins to cycle as I touch him. I just lay there drinking in how he is tickling me, then he changes his cycle, I gasp reacting to this new twist.
    As each new cycle is initiated by me I try to relax into it, the more intense vibrations start my hips moving to focus the sensation all over my prostate and any other structure that is enjoying the performance. My loins signal me this can quickly head forward as my legs spasm in response. This reaction repeats itself on and off about five times. Each time it does it intensifies.
    After about 20 or so minutes I decide to stop the session and evaluate. Yes, Vice is a tool that will take more time to master since he is so free with his manner of stimulation. Your first thought of Vice might be that of a beginner tool but, no you must know how to handle him to glean every cycle he has to offer. Let's see Friday's seem very appropriate for Vice.

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