• I'm an Aneros lovin' it! Session for January 4, 2013

    Hi guys,
    I had one of my best Aneros sessions earlier this morning. No Super-O's, but just waves of unbridled pleasure, even an hour after finishing my session! It is a typical winter's morning here in DC in early January, just cold, but with blue skies and brilliant sunshine.
    Sequence of models used: Maximus — Progasm Classic — Helix Syn — Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic.
    Duration: ca 3.5 hours.
    After hearing news headlines on the radio, I got up, bathed and shaved, and set up for the session. I do not know if I began the session at 5:30 or 5:45 a.m. I began with Maximus who now inserts easily to the hilt. I performed with a good seven or more 60 second Kegels on Maximus and just let the pleasure build. Oh, it felt so good what those extra long Kegels did to me as I started working with Maximus. This big guy, I've discovered recently, massages my prostate directly, but in a real big way. Isn't just wonderful when you have Aneros focus as you feel every back and forth stroke upon your prostate with such a big guy as Maximus?!?! I worked with Maximus a good 45 minutes.
    For the remainder of the session, I worked with each successive model for a good 45 minutes. In this session, I have started a new technique. It was my old time buddy, Helix Syn, who showed this to me this morning. I Anerosed Helix Syn a good while this morning and then just stopped. I didn't withdraw him, but keep him inserted. I wanted to savor the continuing P-waves and other Aneros action emanating from my prostate. It seemed that my prostate was like an engine in idle. So I began to focus upon the sensations of my idling prostate. Without doing anything, it was like my engine which is my prostate became engaged again albeit subtly. Oh, it was just wonderful to feel the sweet, subtle textures of pleasure coming from my prostate. Then with the slightest Kegels or anal contractions, the pleasure began to crescendo into full-body Anerosing. I did this several times with Helix Syn, and then with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice.
    I believe that from this discovery, I am developing a greater control and sophistication in Anerosing. Quite a few guys sleep with the Aneros inserted. I am thinking seriously about this too. However, it will be with the smaller models that I have in my collection, such as Helix Syn, Helix Classic, MGX, and perhaps even Maximus. Eupho which is just as long as Maximus but more slender in girth could be included. I could begin with the Helix Syn with its soft silicone overlay. At night in bed, I could focus just on the gentle action of all these models and see what happens.
    This morning, I gave special attention to both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice. My time with these huge guys was certainly heavy duty Aneros action. But even then, I let the action on both Progasm Classic and Ice dwindle to nothing several times. As with Helix Syn, it was absolutely wonderful to feel my prostate V8 engine idling, yet expectant of more periods of really heavy duty Anerosing and lots of Kegeling. Yeah, such Anerosing with these "fuckers" this morning was really awesome!!! Right now as I blog about all this both my mancunt and prostate are well massaged, well exercised.
    )Continuation of blog entry, Saturday afternoon(. I was so satiated after my session Friday morning that my attention was focused on other things for the rest of the day. I even to bed earlier than usual and slept fairly soundly to just before 5 a.m. this morning. Then I got up afterwards, did some blogging on the Net and ran an errand around noontime before returning home about an hour ago to prepare myself for a "Saturday Matinee" with the Aneros to occur later this afternoon. Oh, I am really horny for it!
    For the title of this blog entry, I have chosen "I'm an Aneros lovin' it!" It is a variation upon McDonald's slogan, "I'm a lovin' it!" I will not give a detailed story behind this slogan or the title of popular song it is based upon. It is too long. For me, however, "I'm a lovin' it!" is laden with sexual connotations. My horniness for Aneros today is fueled by my wearing the Nutty Buddy Cup package and the Kegels. In fact, this athletic cup enables me to do the Kegel Exercises in such a way that simulates my working with the Aneros which to me is a potent form of foreplay! Take care!

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