• I Wasn't Going To

    I swear I wasn’t going to. I planned on taking a day off. My wife is going to be out of town all day tomorrow so I was just going to save it all and not do anything today. I’m glad I didn’t.
    I thought I’d just lay in bed and edge for a bit and see how far I could take it but my itch got the best of me. For some silly reason I decided to do a little anal exploration. I’ve never taken the time to really check my self out down there and I didn’t have to work today so I had a bunch of time. Pulled out a glove and some lube, put a dollop of ‘glide on a couple fingers and worked em in. Interesting, I learned a lot about my body during this time. What muscles do what when I clench and how it feels. Cool. Then I got that itch. Crap, I might as well, I got everything out. Went to the closet to retrieve the Helix Syn and prep him for duty. I opted to put a condon over it to keep it from retaining odor. He was getting a bit stinky and I figured I’d give it a shot. I don’t know if it makes a difference in performance but today’s session was incredible. I did my pre-ritual lube job and lubed inside and outside the condom. Insertion was effortless and I settled in, laying on my back and relaxing. A couple minutes into it and I got some butt twitches that triggered p-waves, Awesome. I rode those for a few minutes, then the feelings subsided. I caught my breath an rolled over on my side. Glanced at the clock and figured out I was going for 10 minutes, cool. I’m always amazed at how much time flies when you’re having fun. I started doing some really deep, focused breathing to relax. I concentrated on trying to get every muscle in my body to release tension. OMG, it worked! The next thing I know my hips start gyrating and my glutes start twitching and I’m thrashing around on my side. I maintain my breathing pattern and start throwing in light PC clenching. BINGO! I start going into what I’m guessing are orgasms because that’s what it feels like but I’m not ejaculating anything. I’m knocking em out left and right and it’s not stopping. Is this what a MMO feels like? Holy crap, I don’t want it to stop. I finally roll onto my back to get my foot off the throttle and realize it’s been a fricken half hour. You gotta be kidding me, OMG! After a couple of minutes I roll over to my other side and settle into the fetal position. After a few minutes of relaxed breathing, it happens again. Great googlie mooglie, this is AWESOME! I’m riding waves and hammering orgasms in an endless stream, I’m in euphoric bliss! I’ve always wondered what women experienced when they have multiple orgasms, now I know. Once I got settled down, I look at the clock and see that I’ve been going at it for an hour. A few minutes later I hear alarms going off. Damn, time to end it.


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      12/02/2016at8:24 pm

      I’m waiting for mine to be delivered and am really looking forward to using it. Hearing your story has me hot and wanting

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      12/03/2016at9:42 pm

      @anerosjunque good for you! I’m glad for your success! As for the smell on your H-Syn, when I’m done with mine, I wipe it and then drop it in a small bucket of water with dish soap and a few ounces of bleach. I leave it overnight. Next morning, a quick wash and let it air for a while; smells freshand ready for next timee.

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      12/03/2016at9:49 pm

      @Chan great choice, you will enjoy it!

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