• I was given another puzzle piece.

    I was enjoying myself Friday night, riding my waves of induced pleasure when out of nowhere helix gets sucked up hard… Let me explain what I mean

    Seems my prostate still hasn’t decided to join the party yet. How do I know this. After spending multiple times doing nothing, and nothing happening except the random twinge, this can be the only answer. Now don’t think I’m getting frustrated because of this, I’m not. I feel that I’m still ahead of the curve. So in the mean time I’ll do both, some do nothing and some external massage of the sweet spot inducing orgasmic bliss. Doing this is cheating but not interfering with progressing as this point is going to get stimulated in the process and allows me to work on the amount of contraction required to get the involuntary’s going plus the head is dancing around on the pleasure center.

    So as I was saying, I was enjoying some light bliss, when without warning helix was thrust deep inside. My orgasmic sensation went away which I thought was strange but was presented with a new sensation. I had been holding a 50% contraction when this happened. I could feel my anal & rectal muscles moving in opposite directions in flowing waves like they were fingers trying to learn about what they now felt. This was the first time when I stopped massaging that a feeling didn’t stop at the same time. I’m unsure of how long this lasted, seconds perhaps? This did stop when I slowly started to release the contraction to completion when I tried to just relax and let it flow. I think If I had just held the same 50% these waves would have lasted much longer but having never experienced it before I was unsure what to do with them, I won’t make that mistake in the future.

    As a side note. I must find a new lube to use. The glycerin base is starting to get to me. I don’t use a large amount, perhaps .5ml injected and what is left on after joining. Starting to get some bad cramping and really bad flatulence. I found some non glycerin lube but has a bad side effect of feeling like I ate 5 alarm chilli, feels like someone shoved a red hot poker inside. I decided to to try some silicone lube I had unfortunately it is a liquid so it can get really messy as it drips every where. Good news, no burning and great slide ability. Perhaps I should try something natural as well. Need to do a search of the forum to see what everyone else is using.

    I wish I could get some ‘me time’ besides just shower time. Doing this at night when I should be sleeping is starting to catch up with me. Other than that it is a 50/50 crap shoot if she will take a nap on the week end, If I’m lucky and she does I might get a few hours on Saturday and/or Sunday. Even than there is no grantee the dogs won’t wake her from barking at the wind. Seems though at night when I’m beat from the days work things seem to happen as the few times I’ve tried in the middle of the day on a weekend nothing happened even w/o the tool.


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      12/10/2018at1:54 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experience! Sounds like our situation is similar as far as alone time – can totally relate! Have learned to enjoy Aless activity during the day and early morning in bed. External massage while playing with my nipple has been a real pleasure lately in lieu of Aneros time! As to lubricant you might want to try Astroglide – has worked well for me and is inexpensive.. Keep us posted with your progress!

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      12/11/2018at1:57 am

      Hello fred27. I have tried the astroglide gel, liquid and the gentle gel along with ky and no name stuff. the astro gentle is the one that set me on fire. Reading reviews after the fact (funny how that happens after the fact isn’t it) I found that there was multiple people that had that problem as well. One of the ingredients seems to wreak havoc with sensitive tissue. Works great externally so not a waste of money, it will get used somewhere. I have some move by one that works great in the shower so I figured why not try it. kept things moving real good but since it is water consistency tends to go all over if not careful. Side benefit is everything was nice and soft/supple when done.

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