• I want one, but can’t have a handsfree

    I have been using Aneros products for 6 years now, and have never been able to achieve a full body orgasm. I own a helix trident, program, and a eupho syn. I am honestly beginning to wonder if it will ever happen. I have been doing anal play for the last 16 years and have never had a non ejaculatory orgasm. I really cannot keep track of all the things I have had up my butt over the years. I have, tried all kinds of prostate toys. My lelo loki feels amazing, same with my Njoy pure wand. The Aneros toys all feel good and give pleasure. They are hitting my prostate. I just can’t seem to get there. Any ideas?

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    • Ggringo

      01/23/2021at8:37 am

      After 5 years at it, I’m in the same boat you are, no orgasms but I thoroughly enjoy every minute of my journey. It’s like a lottery, we buy tickets knowing that the odds are not favorable.
      Don’t give up but take the time to enjoy the moments of your journey.

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