I'm over here climbing up a wall. I need to ride, i want to ride. But i made a vowel to not do anything with my new beautiful progasm ice til my birthday. I have 4 days left. I have been so damn horny. I won't even edge or jack cause I'm afraid that I will explode everywhere. I have not rode anything for a good week now. I am so tight. I mean my anus is so tight i can't even stick my finger in me anymore. I can't wait for my progasm to knock those walls down. :( I have a-less sessions at night but even now they are beginning to become more advanced and very hard to calm back down. I got so close to having a hfwo last night i had to think of a dead dog and limp i went. I'm really trying to be strong but I want what I want and I want it now. I haven't even opened up the box cause I'm to afraid of what i might do. 4 more days just for more days of having a throbbing cock. 4 more days of getting unannounced p waves. I'm weak for it but I will stay strong I have no choice. I can't wait to feel the bumps and instant sensations when i stick hi in. oh lord I'm getting hard just thinking about it ok bye now have to take a long cold shower :)

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