• I love my body

    Hi again. new to blogging but I'm getting the hang of things now to my story. I love my self but i really didn't like my body. I have always been a big guy, and was also a big kid as a child. I'm not obese but i have a belly and boobs. lol Before aneros i slept fully clothed and never showed skin even to my lovers. I didn't hate my body but i just wanted to change and tone up a bit. The only part of my body that i was happy about was my big juicy ass. When first started to read about the prostate I was intrigued not know it would change my whole out look at how I look at my self and my body.
    Before I bought my device I wanted to play with my self manually. I stuck my finger up there and got the searching for the jack pot. As soon as I graze it got hit with a burst of sensation. After I read more and more about the journey and experience I had to get a device. I saved up got me a helix and inserted him in. I laid on my side and let it do its magic on me. Best feeling I have ever had. But you may be wondering what does this have to do with my body.
    After getting out of newbie stages I started to read about other ways to have full body orgasms. I had them anally and now I want to go further. I read about nipple orgasm. I have never had a feeling or sensations from my nipples so I didn't think that it would work. But after talking to a good Aneros buddy Chuckjo2000 and artform i found out that its all in the mind and body. I had a few one on one sessions with them and bam. My nipples were awaken.
    They are charged and ready to go. I can grab them, lick them, and punish them and get the best feeling of my life. then I learned that nipple play is another form of rewiring so my journey is still advancing on to greater and higher limits. Just last night i had my helix in with my heating oil in my bed caressing my nipples like two succulent breast. The moans just escape my mouth. I now sleep butt naked with no cover near me. I don't like to wear shirts now cause any interaction with my nipps will send me into over drive. I love how my bare body feels on my cotton sheets. just thinking about it is giving my prostate the green light to go. Whoo lord *pauses thought while i have this orgasm*
    Sorry about that they just come and go as they please. To wrap it up the aneros product and comapny has really changed how I look at my self. I can't stop touching my self and I really appreciate that. I know it was all in my mind but the device brought that out of me. I am now a whole new person. I can go live in a nude colony right now.

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