• I have not bated like this in a real long time, 8/12/16 masturbation and edging session, noontime

    Hi guys,
    I have embarked upon masturbation and edging sessions to develop the wherewithal to channel my Aless to achieve Super-T’s soon.
    My session began at 11:30 a.m. when I took off my cargo shorts and stripped to my BIKE no. 10 jockstrap. I had been Kegeling gently most the morning. My penis began to get erect in my jock pouch as I caressed it. Finally when I shucked off my jockstrap my dick was plump with desire and my glans was flared. In no time, I was jacking my cock like in previous years and oozing lots of precum. I also performed Kegels when I felt myself approach ejaculatory inevitability. These went on several times. I will return to this blog entry later on with further insights and impressions. Take care!
    Evening bating session with Kegels and edging @ 7:30 p.m. Wearing a BIKE no. 10 men’s medium jock, snug, holds my equipment securely. I have been caressing my jock pouch and Kegeling. It feels wearing. Heating water for a large stein of hot tea! Caressing my hairy pecs, abs, and pubes.
    8 p.m. Get my brewed tea, slip out of my jock and active bating begins! Taking it slow tonight. Communing with my cock and balls tonight, even after the bate session ends …
    8:32 p.m. My cock wants to go to sleep but it is plump even as I Kegel right now. Kegeling is the best thing it is needs!


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      08/12/2016at5:22 pm

      @bigglansDC, I’m anxious to know; did you ejaculate in this round or were you able to supress it?

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      08/12/2016at5:36 pm

      I was able to suppress it, @GGringo. I will have another bate session later

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