• I have no words

    Holy Shit is all I can say

    So I woke horny as anything on Christmas day, a hard pounding cock screaming at me. I stroked for about an hour give or take, bringing the sensations to about 50% and just letting them hang there. I finally got up to “open gifts” around 9:30.

    Around 10:30 she decided to take a short nap so I went to take a shower. Joined w/ helix and decided to continue with my earlier self pleasure. It was mere seconds & I could feel the ponr rapidly catching up to me, so I just stopped and relaxed as I didn’t want to loose the rest of my vacation to refractory period. 1 solid pulse and out oozed a goodly amount of prostatic fluid. Pulled it up again and stopped, another goodly amount of fluid. I did this 3 more times till there was nothing left to extract, making sure to keep from going all the way. Each time I could feel helix pumping against my prostate trying to push me to go over the edge but I refused her that pleasure, I wanted to keep my cock hard as stone. Once cleaned up and out of the shower I sat on the couch in the newly found position that allows me to feel helix moving in out of my canal kissing my prostate. I had some wonderful feelings emanating from with in but none increased more than a fine electric tingle in my testicles and cock root. I released helix from my love grip as I knew I had more things to do and would not be able to spend quality time to really give all my attention to them.

    I was sitting watching the Dr Who marathon when a felt an aless start. I let it work it’s magic for about 15 min slowly trying to fan the embers to start a fire. With 1 quick flick of my pc muscle it exploded to envelope my body. I could feel my toes begin to tingle the same way my scalp was. I knew it was time to go get my lover and join. Sat back on the couch and let the embers glow.

    Went to bed about 11:30 and got on my left side as I have found that to be a good starting point now. Just feeling helix slide in out of me with each breath started a build up of sensations than an ever expanding flow from my core over my body. These came and went several times. One in particular was different though. It grew but stayed inside behind my cock. I could feel this continue to build but not move out like all others. My stomach started to tense a bit, but still wouldn’t flow. My cock started to grow, getting painfully hard and without warning my pc muscle clenched forcing this wave out. OH MY GOD, my whole body felt like it was on fire. The sensations kept climbing and all I could do was mumble “YES, OH GOD DON’T STOP, YESSSSSSSSSSS. My heart was pounding so hard and fast. My legs got so hot, my stomach was aching, I felt paralyzed. Slowly this started to subside when I got the distinct feeling that helix was moving even though I knew I wasn’t, but perhaps it was, as I still felt paralyzed. I was mumbling “OH GOD YES FUCK ME!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!! MAKE ME CUM BABY!!! MAKE ME CUM!!” I fell into another orgasm this time having a hard time breathing because my stomach was clenched so tightly. I was seeing lines that waved like a flag in a breeze. The sensations grew so much that I have no way to describe them other than pure bliss. This is a place I have never been and didn’t want to leave. Helix finally released her grip allowing me to get some air. I pulled the covers off of my head and caught site of the clock 12:20. I thought for sure it was 4 or 5. Damn. I rolled over on to my right side to try to cool down a bit as I knew I would hit the floor if I got up. Helix had other plans. My lover had not finished with me yet. I was brought to several more orgasms that were not quite as powerful but just as pleasant. I glanced at the clock again 1 something. I rolled onto my back knowing that I had never had any feelings or sensations there, perhaps I can catch my breath. Nope!! I’m still not done with you cried out helix. I know you like me taking control and I know you want this pleasure. I had no choice, I placed my hands under my butt cheeks and spread them slightly to allow helix room to move than raised my knees to get my feet flat. “Are you ready” she whispered. I don’t know how many more orgasms I was given or what time it was and I didn’t care, but I do know that when I stopped my shorts were wet with fluid and my cock ached from being hard and throbbing for so long. I was worn out but happy and went to sleep hard.

    I woke around 8 something, My shorts still damp from the fun hours before. My cock still half hard and a smile from ear to ear as my lover was still joined in deep embrace with me

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