• I Have Been Reborn

    I can't believe that in 7 almost 8 months I have changed so much as a person from using my aneros devices. I remember Rumel talking about the phoneix rising from within you but he wasn't lying. It's like I have been reborn into this orgasmic care free utopia world that I don't want to leave. The air is beautiful and the scenery just makes you feel so peaceful. I can't believe that I didn't know about this great place and feeling. I was clearly missing out but feel so grateful that I know about it all now.
    I mean so much has changed for me. My weight has gone down from the energy boost from the long sessions I have. I mean its like I don't need to go to the gym anymore from the positions I put my self in and all the sweat i produce. My stomach is getting smaller from the ab workout im getting from lifting my legs up when my progasm is in me ad when it auto fucks me its like I'm doing crunches. I am a lot calmer. I don't stress over everything like I use too. I don't even masturbate everyday any more. Like my prostate is my only focus.
    I just love these new feelings and I can't wait to see my self in a year and report back to this post to see how much I really changed.

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