• I had to quit

    Hey guys. My prostate is upset with me and is being very bad right now. Let me start from the beginning. So I usually have midnight session to the fact that I live with my parents and there knocked out with slobber on there pillows by that time. So I cleaned my self out, lubed up with my extra virgin olive oil and stuck my helix in. I'm laying on my stomach cause I wanted to see If anyone was in the chat. It was actually a packed house. Art,Brine,Ten & Rumel were there. They weren't riding but to have them in the room while I ride is kind of hot. So I'm riding while in chat helping a few newbies and getting dry o's like crazy. Soaking up my bed with pre cum so much I have a permanent stain. lol
    The sensation got so intense so I said my good byes and went on with my solo session. So I decided that I was going to sleep with it in all night. Haven't done in a few weeks so I knew it would be a hot experience. I was already naked so all I did was got my pillow propped up and draped my cover over me and drifted off to never ending bliss land.
    Within 5 minutes I got woke up to a huge bolt of energy sent through my back. My legs were flat, my hands were still but my back arched so high up I thought I was going to start to levitating. I began to whimper cause I didn't want to alert anyone of the great explosion feeling that I was feeling. I then came down and flipped over on my stomach without my control and had my ass lifted. My anus began to suck the helix in with so much force. Thank god for the taps. I mean some force or energy or someone was sending me pounding energies cause I was getting fucked hard and deep.
    I couldn't move and even if I could I wouldn't have asked the person or energy giver to stop. It felt amazing. I don't even know if I was actually awoke. I could have been having a physical wet dream. speaking of wet that pre cum stain was getting wetter and bigger. )had to wash my sheets again this week lol( BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM was all I felt. My legs finally gave in and collapse up under me. I just laid there in my blissfulness glow as the moon shined on my nude body. I finally came to and it took me ten minutes to catch my breathe from the session I just had.
    I looked up to the clock and I was only 45 minutes into my session. I had to stop. I easily pulled my friend out from his favorite place ever and placed him into time out. Well Mr. Prostate didn't like that I was separating him from his friend so he he began to make me suffer but in a good way. As I'm back draped in my cover still nude my chest just starts to flutter and then I can't breathe properly then my anus began to quiver. I have had the helix out for a good 20 minutes now. But I realized my prostate is woke so when he wants to play he will play with your permission or not. So i had a MMO night/morning that ended with me having a sore body now from the flopping all around my bed and ending up on the floor nude trapped up in my sheet sleeping like a fresh new born baby with a smile on my face.
    I am still getting little waves. When your prostate wants to play let him or you will suffer and enjoy the consequences. I think I may take a break tonight. I got to recuperate.

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      07/27/2013at11:18 am

      thanks very much for your awesome posting! i've thought several times about going to sleep with one of my Aneros boys in place. usually my sessions are so intense that i'm exhausted from all the dry orgasms i have, so i just remove my Aneros boy and go to sleep satiated. in my next session, i'm leaving my guy in place and see what happens. i'll report on it in my blog. thanks again!

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