• I Had My First A-Less Super-O Today!

    I Super-O-ed HARD for the first time this morning. And it was completely A-Less!

    I was edging all night and I was so horny but on the verge of falling asleep, I started to feel the most subtle tingling in my prostate and out of half instinct, half curiosity I pushed, and out of nowhere it built and built and built to the most intense vibration I’ve ever experienced. I pushed again and BANG! It was like a fucking supernova.

    Such an ENORMOUS sensation that engulfed my entire body. I was lying completely still, in silence, too overwhelmed to even open my eyes, but I could SWEAR I was writhing and convulsing and screaming at the top of my lungs. It felt like a mix of the most intense sexual, orgasmic “just-about-to-ejaculate” feeling, mixed with the most intense butterflies, mixed with the most intense shaking, like when you see a wine glass resonate and warp and vibrate with a high pitch frequency. I truly felt like my body was resonating with the universe or something. I’ve never felt anything like it. My hands were the most prominent sensation I remember, almost numb from tingling, my ears went deaf with the sound of the blood rushing to my face, my hands and feet had tingles like you wouldn’t believe. But my tummy… oh my GOD! Instead of “releasing” outward, I was imploding with pleasure, it was so infinitely internal it was jarring. It was the most pleasurable, orgasmic sensation I’ve ever experienced in my life! The only thing I could focus on in order to maintain my connection with my body was the slight throbbing/pumping/contracting that came every now and then from my rectum/prostate.

    This entire thing went for what felt like hours I swear! It started fading out and I thought it was over, and BANG!


    Then BANG!





    I lost count after 25!

    I almost left my body I started getting so overwhelmed. I was gripping my mattress with all my strength, in stunned shock and silence, tears streaming down my face, almost seeing god when it culminated in a hands free wet orgasm. And that’s when it hit me.


    I’ve never wanted anything more than cumming in my life! I love cumming! But for the first time I TRULY understand that when guys here say prostate stuff is way more pleasurable and way more satisfying than any ejaculation ever could be, NOW I BELIEVE IT! I’ve never felt anything that comes even half as close to how POWERFUL any single one of those orgasms felt. I was fully awake and it left me exhausted so I passed out for about 6 hours.

    It really put all my previous “successes” into perspective. I’ve felt some GREAT things over the past 3 years that I truly thought were super o, even prostate o or dry o. I’ve written about them here in as much enthusiastic detail. But based on what users describe their orgasms feeling like I assumed super o was “nice” and “long” but “no peak”. FUCK, whatever I thought that meant, I was WRONG! These orgasms weren’t just nice, they were DELICIOUS! They weren’t just long, they stayed with me for minutes at a time, caressing every inch of me, holding me almost, keeping me in an almost constant, never fading, never changing sense of infinite pleasure. They didn’t peak but they built and built and plateaued and stayed up there for anywhere between 30 seconds and what felt like hours, then faded away for the next one to engulf me. My most intense Aneros sensation previous to this was what I assumed was a super o, now I’m starting to guess it was just a really intense p wave because it was MINUSCULE compared to what happened to me today.

    Honestly, I don’t even know if this is a Super-O at this point with the amount of times I’ve told myself, “Oh, THAT’S what it feels like!”. Has anyone felt what I felt to be able to confirm? Is this truly a Super-O? Every time I think I reach one the next time feels better.

    If it was, it was better than I could have ever wanted it to be.

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      02/13/2021at3:34 pm

      @masked, I am in awe at your inspirational post. In fact, it made me horny and randy! I am look you in that many nights in bed I can relax and concentrate in the pleasures that my body has for me. As you know, I like to diddle my nipples many nights. I have found the last few years that there is a direct connection between my nipples and my genitals when I diddle my nipples.

      I think you are on the right path through your masturbation and edging practices in inducing A-less Super-O’s. However, there are various types of orgasms worth exploring. Nights in bed gives you the leisure to relax and to explore.

      Also once you have experienced a Super-O, you have opened yourself for more. Just relax and have fun!

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