• I couldn't stop if i could

    Hi guys. I'm a little down today. I have a confession. I have no self will. You might be wondering what is he talking about. Well let me explain. I love to masturbate. Before my journey i would jack off three times a day and all the explosions would be huge. But while I have been on this journey I really don't need the feel to always cum. My honest opinion a full body orgasm feel so much better. The tingling, the shattering feeling when you arch your back when the passion is building. I love it all. So weather I cum or not I still am left with a smile on my face when I'm done.
    So I was not going to have a wet orgasm for a full week, seven days. Yeah I now crazy. But I have really mastered rewiring and I wanted to put my new known knowledge to the test. How long can I really edge and rewired for. So the first night was fine. A nice quick 2 hour session. Was getting the cum all the way to the top then not releasing it. I was strong and pulsating but no wetness. I was proud that night. That was Sunday. Monday it got a little difficult. I woke up that morning to relieve myself and after I finished I was still rock hard. I was debating if I wanted to have a quick session cause I might wake the parents with my moaning. But my hard cock made that decision when it was steering me to my helix in my draw with my olive oil.
    So I lubed up and inserted him in. Quickly I began to feel my prostate jump in excitement. I just laid there. I actually drifted back to sleep. I woke up 30 minutes later shaking, tingling and not able to keep still in my king size bed. Its like my body was being lifted and spun around and i was getting shot with huge cannons full of love and passion. I couldn't keep quiet. i tried my best but clearly my parents were in a deep slumber so no worries. Flopping around like a fish out of water is what me helix was doing to me and I loved every moment of it. My cock was only getting semi hard so no worries about HFWO's. I ended that beautiful treat after my 9:00am alarm went off. Mind you woke up at 5:31am. You would think i would be tired but i am very energized after a session.
    That night i was really tired so no midnight session. So Day two down. I'm on a good start. Then Tuesday. SMH whoo I'm in the shower and I'm washing up cleaning up for the days events and I just graze my perineum and got the shock of love that I was not expecting. I had to grab the wall quickly to hold myself up so there wont be any fall. I touched that spot ad it has given me great pleasure but WOW. I had to get out of there. I was not ready for what was gonna come after that so I hurried up and ended that. I was afraid if I continued that I would have recoated the walls with my love juice. lol
    So it's Tuesday night. Last night. Nice hot summer night like we have been having all week. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to have a session out side. I actually have a balcony out side my window that I can sit and relax on. So i got my helix oil and nude naked glowing body and set my self up for a great experience. I was in a recliner chair i have naked as the moon shined all over me. I stuck my helix in and began to fantasize about me a few guys just riding and moaning and just getting off together. I began to grind my hips and moan a little. my prostate is doing jumping jacks and I'm counting the mini o's off 1,2,3,4 and so on. I am grabbing my nipples so hard that there turning red. I found that bringing a little pain to my nipples actually turn me on. Just thinking about it got my nips sticking out my tank top. My helix was being suck in so deep. I can see three hot men with my just letting there progasm, and ice do them in and thats turning me on even more. Oh I'm making a puddle in my chair of my love juice and i began to take it and taste and rub t back into my body. Oh god just retelling this how night got me getting dry o's right now.
    I'm at my height right now. I'm at the peak and i feel the cum about to shoot out like a cannon. But with edging i back it back down. I wanted to see how long I could do it for. Time was racing I started at 12 i looked at the clock and it was already pass two. I was feeling amazing. I build it up again and pushed it back down again. Mind you I'm not jacking off these are all hand free building here. my helix hitting it so hard and so good. I know some body had to hear me calling on god. I mean sweating pouring pre cum pouring and i am harder then I have ever been. So I can feel it building again but this time its so much stronger. I feel it rising and I can't get it down. Im now crying cause the passion is too strong for me. I can't hold it god please help me. My own sexual demon is coming out and he is not trying to go on time out right now. I provoked him and now he's made so nows he's gonna show me who's boss. Lord what did I get myself into. Even my dick is now scared. I mean I have never been this hard so hard that it is now becoming a little uncomfortable.
    I'm not in control right now so what ever happens will happen not under my will. Im now screaming and I don't care who hear me. I just want my dick to go down. Its just sticking up and the cum is sliding up so slow to tease me even more. My sexual demon is really trying to make me squirm and make me beg him to stop. Even though I have never had this happen im still excited and stoke that it's happening to me. So I scream, "bring it on bitch". Lord that really pissed him off. He got it harder and harder and my ass was puckering something so strong. My ass was so wet and I think I might have even came from my ass. Then it got quiet. A few seconds of pure silence graced over the whole scene and then BOOOOOOOOOOM I shot the biggest nut I have ever could think off. My body lifted from the chair and I collapse on the floor. I sprayed everywhere. My hair, my nude body, over the balcony, all over the floor and chair and in the air. EVERYWHERE. It took me about 30 minutes just to catch my breathe from this. After I came back to i resigned back in my room and crawled to my bed. I looked at the clock and it read 5:47am. I have never had a experience like that. My sexual demon showed me. I going on a break that wore me out. So not a full week but I at least it was a very memorable night and morning.

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