• I can't help it I was wired this way

    I've always been number and spreadsheet oriented I can't help it my dad was this way too. So, to keep track and rate individual models and combinations I just completed a handy tracking guide.
    It lists the Aneros models I own plus my Penis Plugs. I track the day of the session, which toy or toys I used by each session, and I track how many times each toy has been used to date. I also note the sensation(s) experienced with each model by session and combination.
    This will help me determine which models need to be dusted off from time to time and which models work the best with each other based upon my experiences. Tonight, I'll use the following joyous toys: Peridise, Progasm, Helix Syn, and one of my Penis Plugs. This should be another well rounded but, interesting combination. I'll enter the ratings tomorrow in my spreadsheet and note if this is a keeper session combination.

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