• Hummmm

    Possible progress?

    Fridays session found more of the same. No sensations unless I initiated it manually by massaging the sweet spot but I did something slightly different. Rather than push through the sensations to completion I stopped short and let them linger a second than performed a pc contraction. When I did this the sensation burst from my prostate and flowed over my body. I did this several times. Felt wonderful but did not expand further than that.

    Sunday I thought I would have some me time so I joined w/ helix. Turns out she had other plans. Fuck it, I stayed joined and did what running needed to be done. I didn’t have time to feel or enjoy being joined but knew I was getting ‘seat time’. While sitting on the couch several hours later I was leaning against the hand rail on the left side and my knees were in front of me, kinda like side saddle. I reached behind and found the handle/tabs. I started to slide my finger over this in a flicking type motion. The sensation went straight to my prostate. I changed to a scratching across the fabric of my pants. It felt really good. After about 20 minutes I felt the sensation of an orgasm start to build. I kept at it till it went away. This wasn’t strong and didn’t last but mere seconds but showed me I could reach the same feelings without manual stimulation of my sweet spot.

    Well I went 21 days w/o a full ejaculation. I did 2 minor releases that were only prostatic fluid, no sperm. So after Sundays orgasm I decided I had enough and finished myself off in the shower. It felt very anticlimactic. It felt the same as before I started this journey when I would rub one out every day because I wanted more but knew I would not get it, very unsatisfying, but than I also didn’t do much lead up either so that could have something to do with it. So starting Monday I am starting an experiment for 7 days. I will make an entry at the end.

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