• Hugging my blanket

    This morning I went into awesome Aless, without any focusing, any kegels, any fantasies, only hugging my blanket and a little stretching. Grabbing my blanket felt like holding my stream of ecstasy vibes to not fall off. It was a strange experience, powerful and soothing at the same time. Like floating on a sea of bliss and tranquility while flashes of lustful sexual power electrify the scene and my whole being. But this was no envision, only a bodywide feeling and perceptiion of my surrounding. At least four or more SOs crushed over me and let me moan and hum on different pitch levels. It felt so wonderful, until the phone rang. Sighing I believed I had to call it a session. After having answered the phone call I went back to bed and lay down, covered myself with my blanket again. And, bam, the session continued as if I never had left it. I still can’t believe it myself, what an incredible morning.

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