• How to choose your jockstrap size and your cup size correctly

    Hi guys,

    Over last weekend, @SOwithoutAneros sent me a PM on how to choose your jockstrap and your cup size correctly. He seemed bashful in asking me his questions. So I answered him matter-of-factly giving him all sorts of information from web sites selling jocks and cups in the USA, UK, and even in Australia. I hope he found my e-mail helpful.

    This blog entry is a summary of the information I gave him.

    Ordinary jockstraps worn by men come in sizes of medium, large, extra-large (XL), and even XXL and XXXL. They are the waist sizes of guys. Guys may buy jocks in medium or large. The waist and leg straps secure the fit of the jock whereas the jock pouch holds a guy’s genitals. Thus a jockstrap should fit securely but not too tightly. That would be downright uncomfortable for a guy. A jockstrap is ideal for holding a guy’s erection. Just be sure to wear your cock in a up position or the twelve o’clock position.

    Men and boys normally wear a jock and cup for contact sports, but quite a few of us wear such for fetish reasons, or just because they feel real good. Hence they wear them for everyday wear.

    Originally athletic cups came in just two sizes: one size for boys and one size for men. In recent years, for men, cup sizes came in large and extra large sizes to accommodate one’s penis and testicle endowment. Shock Doctor, for example, has large and extra large sizes, whereas Nutty Buddy has three sizes for men, medium, large, extra-large. So choose the cup size to hold your “junk” comfortably.

    The accompanying jockstrap for an athletic cup is a cup holder jock. It has a pouch or cup pocket to hold the cup. Choosing a cup holder jock waist size is similar to that of an ordinary jockstrap. Just choose carefully the cup holder jock that will securely the cup and your “junk” comfortably. Otherwise a poorly chosen jock and cup sizes may cause injury to your genitals in the heat of athletic competition.

    Compression shorts with special cup pockets are a recent development and thus are popular with many athletes. I have never tried them because I love the feel of an athletic cup and also the bare ass feel of a traditional cup jock.

    A special shout out to @goldenboy who has inspired me to be persevering in the 21 day semen retention/abstinence/male chastity challenge as well as wearing a jock and cup to bed most nights and wearing such during my Aneros sessions.

    A further comment on athletic cups which is very important. Traditional triangular flat cup with the iconic ten ventilation holes have been around for a very long time. BIKE made cups of this design in the 1950’s and 60’s. However they were very uncomfortable to wear, and most athletes refused to wear them. However in the 1960’s, banana contoured cups were invented in the Double K cup, but in mid to late 1980’s the BIKE CUP Support unit no. 85 (which I love to wear and which fits like a sock) and the Original Banana Cup were invented. Then the Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup appeared. @goldenboy loves this cup. @goldenboy, have you considered getting for yourself the extra large size of this cup??? 🙂

    The very special thing about the more state-of-the-art contoured banana cups is that conform to your groin from your perineum at the base of your scrotum to about an inch beyond the glans of your penis. The bottom of such cups thus massage your perineum which give rise to delicious sexual feelings, particularly since the P-tab of Aneros device massage the perineum. I have a semi-erection in my cup at night in bed but also a delicious sexual feeling akin to edging! Hot!


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      12/06/2018at8:48 am

      @BigGlansDC Great, informative post! I made it to Day 8 of SR (with no blue balls yet) and slept in my Mueller cup overnight. Was awakened around 3 AM feeling close to a wet dream! Oh how close; I feel like I’m in ‘uncharted arousal territory’! Not sure how much more of this I can endure but it is quite thrilling! I agree that the cock should be in the 12 o’clock position within the cup when ‘strapping’. Yes, I may consider the XL size of the SD cups; thanks for the suggestion! IMHO guys that have not tried wearing a cup to bed don’t know what they are missing!

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      12/06/2018at9:01 am

      @BigGlansDC All the Shock Doctor cups (BioFlex, Ultra Pro Carbon and Titan Alloy) all are available in the XL size. The Titan Alloy is highly rated; know anyone that has it?

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