• Hook, Line, and Sinker

    So I received the Syn-Helix only five days after I had got the Peridise set and could hardly wait to have a go with it in a late night session.
    Just holding it, it looked like it would be making more contact with everything, and I was visualizing how good it would feel fitted inside me. Was so eager to feel the added sensations the p-tab would have, and also the pivoting effect when the Helix started moving. Surprised by the silicone coating, I actually expected something a little softer, felt more like a firm rubber toy. The texture of the silicone seemed like it would encourage more friction than the peridise plastic I was getting used to.
    Made sure I gave myself plenty of time to get acquainted before I had to be asleep. From doing forum research, I decided I would try the vaseline/water-lube approach since thats what I could lay my hands on immediately, and until I could get something better. Turns out to be a very effective combo for use with the helix and the peridise, much better than just the lube alone. Sliding the helix in for the first time was not very uncomfortable, mostly because I was getting used to the peridise, even though there's a lot more of the helix. Inserted very slowly, waiting for the moment when it felt like it wanted to be drawn in, savoring those first sensations. Felt the size for just a minute or two before it became quite comfortable. Walking around the house gave me some new tingles, and by the time I retired to the bedroom for the night it felt like we were made for each other.
    Started in what was becoming my usual starting position on my side. Began my breathing exercises and tried to clear my mind, but I was too aware of the presence of the helix. From almost the start, I could feel the helix just right there, waiting for the right moment to get the party started. Decided to just experiment and play to see what kinds of pleasure I could generate with the techniques I had been practicing with the peridise. Immediately started getting some serious tingles because the helix was engaging my prostate more. Everything that I found effective with the peridise carried right over to the helix, except there was a sense of being fuller. Didn't think I could produce more pre-cum than I had been for the past several days, but I think I did with that first helix session. Had several extended p-wave periods that would last 5-10 minutes, and I'm still not sure what else I experienced as far as orgasm labeling goes, but it was as good, or slightly better, than what I'd experienced with the peridise so far. P-tab stimulation was very nice, but I quickly found what others had said about placement to be true, hard to keep it where it belongs sometimes. After over an hour of playing, I gave in to a very strong traditional orgasm, the helix massaging the best out of me.
    Basking in the afterglow, I couldn't have been happier with my new purchase, and I was glad I now had 2 different options for my exploration pleasure. Occurred to me that I'd only thought I was hooked before, now I was truly coming to know what the onset of aneros addiction might feel like. I know I will probably never be the same again, but it's a change I think I can live with.
    After clean-up, I was musing over the untold pleasures I was imagining for the future, and wondering where this journey could take me if I had the time and patience to just let it do so. I'm sure I fell into a very contented sleep with a smile on my face.
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      06/18/2013at1:13 pm

      Fantastic, Bemused. I LOVE my Helix Syn too. Love the design, colors, etc. The flexible P Tab is GREAT. The texture is sensual.
      THEN – I put it in a WHAM! It only takes a few minutes and I'm flying high.
      Yeah, this is a whole new world. So much to explore and experience. Have fun on the journey!

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